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WorkMate Magnifying Flashlight With Lens
WorkMate Magnifying Flashlight With Lens  (Item#: BL1225-58)
As low as $15.64
... logo to leave a lasting impression on employees and clients alike.Features and Facts:Every flashlight measures 4.75" H x 1.25" W x 2.25" L.The flashlight comes in a nylon pouch with a belt ...
Spidey 8 In One Screwdriver Flashlight
Spidey 8 In One Screwdriver Flashlight  (Item#: BL1430-28)
As low as $5.05
... Spidery 8 In One Screwdriver Flashlight(1430-28) will be the most versatile flashlight your ever have. This super flashlight features 1 LED light, 3 Phillips head, 3 Flat head, ...
Wooden 13 Function Pocket Knife
Wooden 13 Function Pocket Knife  (Item#: BL1430-35)
As low as $6.22
... to employees, colleagues and clients alike. Each wooden pocket knife comes with flashlight, flat head screwdriver, can opener, bottle opener, scissors, saw, knife, corkscrew, nail ...
Dynamo Multi-Function Flashlight with USB
Dynamo Multi-Function Flashlight with USB  (Item#: BL1226-00)
As low as $16.77
... your flashlight get rid of batteries with this custom Dynamo Multi-Function Flashlight with USB. Equipped with USB port, this environmentally friendly dynamo features crank ...
Zippo Mini Auto Safety Flashlight
Zippo Mini Auto Safety Flashlight  (Item#: BL7550-35)
As low as $20.26
... logo to leave a lasting impression on employees and clients alike.Features and Facts:Every flashlight measures 5" H x 1" W x 1" L.The flashlight is made of aluminum and is packaged in a 1-...
Highway Companion Safety Kit
Highway Companion Safety Kit  (Item#: BL1400-10)
As low as $27.28
... for staying warm, 2 bungee cords, 2 glow sticks, a pair of gloves with rubber grips, a flashlight (2 AAA batteries included), a 50 PSI tire gauge, and a carrying case with organizational ...
Pocket Digital Photo Frame
Pocket Digital Photo Frame  (Item#: BL1670-06)
As low as $29.76
... through images. This item comes with a built in rechargeable lithium battery and LED flashlight. These serve as a fantastic way to provide incentive and improve morale in and out of the ...
Garrity 9 l.e.d. flashlight - k35
Garrity 9 l.e.d. flashlight - k35  (Item#: BL1225-55)
As low as $3.88
... replacement, a rubberized body for sure grip, and push-button power switch on bottom. This flashlight provides up to sixteen hours of continuous light on one set of batteries and comes with a ...
Garrity® 8 l.e.d. alum superbright flashlight
Garrity® 8 l.e.d. alum superbright flashlight  (Item#: BL1225-91)
As low as $6.85
..., or other event with these nifty Garrity® 8 L.E.D. Alum Superbright Flashlights. Each flashlight features a on/off push button. It also comes with a wrist strap for carrying convenience. ...
Flare 9 led flashlight
Flare 9 led flashlight  (Item#: BL1220-80)
As low as $3.10
..., company presentation, or other event with these nifty Flare 9 LED Flashlights. Each flashlight features a push-button on/off and a wrist strap. The 3 AAA batteries required for ...
Workmate Aluminum Slim Flashlight
Workmate Aluminum Slim Flashlight  (Item#: BL1225-01)
As low as $7.78
... Light the way at the next upcoming tradeshow, company presentation, or other event with these nifty Garrity 2AA Hi-Tech Aluminum lights. Each light comes with a patented reflector...
Deluxe 3 in 1 Digital Tire Gauge Light
Deluxe 3 in 1 Digital Tire Gauge Light  (Item#: BL1630-10)
As low as $12.16
... event with these Deluxe 3 in 1 Digital Tire Gauge Lights. Each tire gauge features a small flashlight, an LED light, a capacity of 150 psi, two AAA batteries, and a one-piece gift box. These ...
Roadster Gift Set
Roadster Gift Set  (Item#: BL1400-02)
As low as $7.78
... even vacations a breeze with these Roadster Gift Sets. Each set comes with an auto case, a flashlight, a tire gauge, and the Colonnade Twist in silver. The case holds all of the set items ...
Laser Pointer LED Torch
Laser Pointer LED Torch  (Item#: BL1660-22)
As low as $4.66
... Pointers with L.E.D. Light. Each pointer features an LED light which acts as a miniature flashlight and includes a vinyl pouch. These can be color printed with a company's logo to leave a ...
Garrity Multi-Function Auto Emergency Lite
Garrity Multi-Function Auto Emergency Lite  (Item#: BL1225-85)
As low as $9.34
...-in magnet for attaching to a vehicle. The light can last up to 36 hours when used as a flashlight (using one super bright LED) or up to 48 hours when used to flash red emergency signal (...
Crossing excursion bottle set
Crossing excursion bottle set  (Item#: BL1450-69)
As low as $10.32
... Excursion Bottle Sets. Each set comes with a 34-oz. bottle; an 83" x 51" safety blanket; a flashlight (2 AA batteries included); a sewing kit (consisting of red, black, and white thread, 2 ...
Pathfinder Gift Set
Pathfinder Gift Set  (Item#: BL1400-34)
As low as $12.46
... your employees and clients alike. Each set features a compass, a multi-function knife, and flashlight secured in handy travel case. The multi-function knife has 13 functions and batteries (3 ...
Quest led flashlight
Quest led flashlight  (Item#: BL1220-79)
As low as $13.03
..., company presentation, or other event with these nifty Quest LED Flashlights. Each flashlight features a push button for the on/off switch. It has 21 LED lights and a durable metal ...
Garrity® Slim and Bright Magnetic LED Flashlight
Garrity® Slim and Bright Magnetic LED Flashlight  (Item#: BL1225-96)
As low as $5.29
... deal with electricity emergency, we are talking about Garrity Slim And Bright Magnetic LED Flashlight(1225-96). Three modes of your choice, which includes 4 LED flashlight, 24 LED light and 28 ...
Lunar journal
Lunar journal  (Item#: BL2380-06)
As low as $2.32
... 4 minutes of light from 1 LED or battery power option allows for brither 3 LED beam. This flashlight features bulbs that never need to be replaced and three AAA batteries included. These can ...
Garrity® Lantern Flashlight
Garrity® Lantern Flashlight  (Item#: BL1225-92)
As low as $7.78
... will find yourself handle electricity emergency easily with this Garrity Lantern Flashlight(1225-92) at hand. Each lantern 1 watt LED flashlight features simple push button for ...
Roadside safety kit
Roadside safety kit  (Item#: BL-G3850)
As low as $35.13
... Safety Kit features 10-gauge jumper cables (250 AMPS), 2 bungee cords, gloves, and a flashlight (with 2 C batteries included). The kit also includes a rain poncho, a 50 psi tire gauge, a ...
Keylight Bottle Opener Chain
Keylight Bottle Opener Chain  (Item#: BL6621-31)
As low as $2.42
... could use a flashlight, whether they're working in dimly lit areas, or just need a little something to prevent an ...
Gripper 9 L.E.D Flashlight
Gripper 9 L.E.D Flashlight  (Item#: BL1220-93)
As low as $2.32
... situations of all varieties, a flashlight is a handy instrument to have around. The Gripper 9 L.E.D Flashlight is particularly ideal ...
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