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Winter Wedding Ideas

Winter is the season that usually gets over looked for weddings. Brides are likely to pick wedding dates in the spring and summer and least in fall and winter. We know every bride is always looking for ideas or inspirations for their wedding. If you’re a future bride trying to decide when to pick your wedding, let this blog be inspiration for a winter wedding.
If you’re having a winter wedding, Brides, it might be a good idea to look into faux fur or fur as an accessory for your wedding. Because of the chill during winter, you can accessorize your wedding dress with a shawl or bolero jacket; to keep yourself warm during the ceremony or the reception. Also if you want you can wear boots under your dress as a way to keep warm as well. It’s also a great alternative for the tradition heel or flat, you can even pick boots with fur to stay extra toasty.
Pine cones are a great sign of winter, you can spray paint them silver and add them into your bouquet. It’s a subtle way of adding some winter decorations to your flowers. A great way to create a centerpiece for your table is with acorns, pine cones and branches: this will save you money on flowers and can even be a substitution for flowers.
Snowflakes and ornaments are a great way to decorate your winter wedding. These two look amazing together on the cake, and gives your cake an elegant touch. Since the snowflake and the ornament are smaller items, you can decorate your wedding with many of these little items and not feel overwhelmed. A popular drink during the winter months is hot chocolate, a sweet treat that keeps you warm. After the cutting cake, you can serve hot chocolate for your guests to go along with the cake. Maybe even have a hot cocoa bar instead of the tradition alcohol bar.
To keep with the snowflake and ornament theme, we chose a few favors that highlight these two iconic winter items. In no particular order: first, we chose the “Snow Flurry” Flocked Glass Ornament, this ornament is a place card holder and the inside looks like a snow globe. Second, we picked the “Beaded Snowflake Ornaments, these jewels can also be used decorations to give your wedding a little winter bling. If you are a book lover, our Snowflake Bookmark is a great give-away gift for your winter wedding.
Hopefully, we have you future brides screaming for winter weddings. However if you’re looking for more wedding ideas browse on over to our Winter Wedding Ideas board on Pinterest. Maybe you’ve already picked a winter wedding but you’re looking for extra decorations or trying to find the perfect favor. Our website has a wide variety of winter wedding favors for you to select from. Happy Planning!