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What is the meaning of Easter?

Easter is one of the oldest Christian Holiday it is traditionally celebrated as the Resurrection of Christ. Now in the 21st century, we associate Easter with festive eggs, rabbits and baskets. We understand that people celebrated holidays differently, but the true meaning of a holiday might get lost through celebrations. With Easter just days away, what is the meaning of Easter? Is it just bunny rabbits and eggs, or is a religious holiday celebrating new life?
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Easter Time

Traditionally, Easter is celebrated at the end of the Lenten Season. Before Easter Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday are a few more important religious holidays. For those who celebrate a less religious Easter, many stores start to run ads for discounts on candies, plastic eggs, and other festive Easter needs. Particularly, toys and candies are the most promoted during Easter.

Holy Family

The Holy Family is a popular icon seen during Easter time, it consists of Virgin Mary, Child Jesus, and Saint Joesph. Historically, pictures or portraits of the Holy Family were used as a model of the “perfect family”. Seen here is our Crystal Holy Family Icon a popular favor during Easter.

Holy Family Plaque from HotRef.com

Easter Bunny

Though no one really knows where the Easter Bunny originated there are many different stories as to how the Easter Bunny became associated with Easter. Some thought the Easter Bunny to be Eostra, the goddess of fertility and spring who was protrayed by a bunny. In other parts of the world, the Easter Bunny originated as a decider between good and bad children, much like Santa Claus during Christmas. Many different craft projects can be found using a bunny shape or bunny design. Whether it’s a simple paper plate craft project, or a cut and sew bunny face you can find many bunny rabbit ideas for craft project. You can also find many bunny shaped treats, such as cookies, pastries and marshmallow candies. The Easter Bunny can also make an appearance during the egg hunt as a lawn decoration. For those who like to have the perfect touches to their party, using bunny ears you can decorate bottles into bunnies.

Easter Bunny Ideas

Easter Egg

During Medievil Europe, people were not allowed to consume eggs during the Lent Season, and the eggs that were hatched during this season were later preserved for the next Easter. It was said that Czar Alexander III gave his wife a faberge egg decorated with jewels and diamonds, and inside the egg was a decorated hen. He declared that every Easter a Faberge egg would be given to his wife, each egg must contain a suprise in the middle. The Easter Egg also has many different orginas, but today Easter Eggs are the most recongized detail to Easter. Easter Eggs are decorated for a festive celebration, and used for decorating or celebrating. Brightly colored plastic eggs can be found everywhere during Easter Time. They are used for consealing treats and hidden away for children to seek. Cake pops decorated as Easter Eggs are a popular search on Pinterest. Since cake pops can easily be made and decorated they are a fabulous treat for Easter time, or placed in the plastic eggs for egg hunts. Decopage eggs are also a popular search on Pinterest, using cut outs of napkin decorations you adhere them onto the eggs as decorations. Traditionally, egg shells were used before plastic eggs, and they were painted or dyed to add color to the egg shells. Egg cookies can also be popular find during Easter Time. Festively decorated with Easter designs they are a fabulous treat for everyone. We also carry egg themed favors that are great for you Easter party. Seen here is our “Egg stra” Special Baby Themed Egg Timer Favors and our egg soap in nest, both are fabulous egg shaped party favors. Use them for your Easter party or Easter themed parties, guests will adore them. You can find all of our Easter Themed Favors on our website.

Easter Egg Ideas

Easter Chicks

Which came first the chick or the egg? This age old question has baffeled the minds of many. During Easter chicks can be seen all over, some even dying the chicks different colors. These cute feathered friends are also another Easter staple since they’re often given as gifts too during Easter. People also get creative by decorating different food items into chicks. Cake pops can be decorated into small yellow chicks, while egg shells can so be decorated into little chicks. Marshmallow candies can be found in chick shapes and used as decorations for many edible treats. For a healthy snack, a hardboiled egg can be decorated into a chick face before it’s eaten. Our “About to Hatch” Ceramic Baby Chick Salt & Pepper Shakers are adorbly designed chicks about to hatch our of their eggs. They can be used as favors or as decoration pieces for your easter table.

Easter Chick


Easter themed candy is easily found and inexpensively priced. They can also be great decoration pieces for different Easter elements. For desserts, marshmallow bunny candy can be used to decorate cakes and even centerpieces. For those with patience and time, small almond shaped candies can be decorated into faces of chicks. You can also find packages of candy that are pastel colored for Easter season.

Easter Candy
Easter Candy Cake

Easter Egg Hunt

The fun and active event of Easter is the Easter Egg hunt, usually held in large grassy areas, children holding large baskets search for hidden plastic eggs. Plastic eggs can be filled with candies, treats, money, and such for any age children. After the hunt for eggs is over, the kids get to open the eggs and see what treat they found. Bringing smiles and joy around when they find the best prize.

Easter Egg Hunt
We hope all of you are getting ready for a fun filled Easter. For all of our Easter Themed communion favors, you can visit our website. You can also find our Easter Board, on our Pinterset page. Happy Planning!
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