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Western Cowboy Country Themed Wedding Ideas

Western wedding trend is one of the hottest wedding trends for 2015. Worry about that you are not able to decorate your wedding in an elegant feel? Don’t be upset about that. HotRef will give you more ideas and add a western feel to your event.

Western Cowboy Country Theme Wedding Ideas from HotRef.com

Country Wedding Place

Where’s the best place to hold country wedding ceremony? It is a better way to choose an open space that could accommodate large wooden guest’s table in the countryside.

(Photo: rusticweddingchic.com)

Cowboy Wedding Centerpiece

How to make guest’s table for a sense of western country is a good learning. Some designer may put cowboy boots as centerpiece on table settings. It will look more elegant by inserting colorful flowers into the boots.

(Photo: iftheringfits.blogspot.com)

Here introduce the Western Boot Shaped Glass Stein that can be used as centerpiece, or just use it for drinking, holding coffee bean, inserting flowers and so on. This is another Mini Western Boot Shaped Glass Stein in the same design, but in different size from that one.

Western Boot Shaped Glass Favors from HotRef.com

Other designers think of the creative idea that put cowboy hat as decorative centerpiece. It is also an outstanding way to highlight your western country themed events.

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Cowboy Boot Place Card Holder

You may not guess this Cowboy Boot Place Card Holder is to hold place card at first sight. It is made of resin in antique gold finish; and the reason why so many guests speak highly of the card holder is that the boot is so vivid that just like the boot we wear in our real life. It is widely used in seat guidance for guests or used as a table decoration in wedding ceremony. The guests can take home for a second use after wedding.

Cowboy Boot Place Card Holder from HotRef.com

Country Wedding Cake

Cowboy boot can not only be used as centerpiece, but also can be used as cake topper to adorn yummy cake. Lay it on the top of the cake to make all guests know what theme of your wedding is!

(Photo: cakecentral.com)

Country Wedding Bridesmaids

Everything should be unified, include the dress and shoe for bridesmaids. Wearing the boots together will be a good look for western country events.


(Photo: rusticweddingchic.com)

Cowboy Wedding Groomsmen

Groomsmen don’t have to be the same as bridesmaids. They can be creatively different from them. Each of them can wear a cowboy hat for a special appearance. That’s cool!

(Photo: weddingchicks.com)

Wrangle up your guests and hogtie them down for the wedding of a lifetime with these bride & groom cowboy hats! With their respectively died black and white raffia and “Bride” and “Groom” labels, your guests will absolutely adore these cowboy hats. Wonderful for any weddings or bridal showers that may lie in your future!

Bride & Groom Cowboy Hats from HotRef.com

Cowboy Boot Favors

We have several cowboy boot shaped wedding favors, cowboy boot place card holder, bottle opener, salt and pepper shakers and boot glasses for decor.

Cowboy Boot Shaped Wedding Party Favors from HotRef.com

Artfully etched, boot shaped and antique-brass finished “Just Hitched” Cowboy Boot Bottle Opener is sure to be a charming gift that appeals to your guest. These boot bottle openers are ideal for a rustic, barnyard, or cowboy themed wedding or event.

From BBQ to cowboy campfire meals, our “Just Hitched” Salt and Pepper Shakers are the perfect fit for the events. Hand these party favors out to enchant your party guests. These tan ceramic cowboy boot-shaped salt and pepper shakers are crafted from glossy finish. They are perfect and practical favors for any western country chic styled wedding, bridal shower, anniversary or other rustic themed occasions.

Complete your next upcoming western themed wedding with these miniature cow candles in novelty barn gift box! Each white and brown candle resembles an adorable cow and is sure to leave a lasting impression on all who attend. Give your guests something elegant to remember your very special day by!

Miniature Cow Candles in Novelty Barn Gift Box from HotRef.com

If you are interested in planning a western country wedding, welcome to browse our image on Pinterest board!