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Wedding Wednesday: Starfish Themed Beach Wedding Ideas

If your soul longs for the roar of the ocean, you’ll love HotRef’s starfish wedding ideas! This starfish wedding theme is inspired by the blue color of the ocean, so get ready for a mental vacation to paradise.

Starfish Theme Beach Wedding Ideas with Blue Color from HotRef.com


Starfish Wedding Decoration

For a wedding on the beach, it’s important that the ceremony place have a visible arch. A cool blue and white drape setting with flower bouquets will be perfect for a photo.

Beach Wedding Arch(Photo Credit: happywedd.com)

You can also incorporate blue if you want to decorate the chairs on the end of the rows! Some dyed rope and starfish or seashells will look great as you’re walking down the aisle.

Starfish Beach Wedding Chair Decorations(Photo Credit: etsy.com)

Another important decoration is the tablescape. A bright blue runner with a sandy brown runner and starfish will definitely create a beach impression for your guests!

Starfish Beach Wedding Tablescape(Photo Credit: joyfullcelebrations.blogspot.com)

Starfish Wedding Bouquet

You might be wondering how to incorporate starfish into your wedding bouquet! You can make the starfish big and gold or small and subtle – as long as there’s some blue to tie it together, the ocean effect will tie everything together.

Starfish Themed Beach Wedding Bouquet Ideas(Photo Credits from upper right to bottom left – happywedd.com, etsy.com, blog.weddingtonway.com)

Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

Your bridesmaids will look gorgeous in sea-foam green. And with their hair loosely curled, it creates the perfect effect to make everyone look like a beach princess.

Starfish Beach Wedding Bridesmaids(Photo Credit: styleunveiled.com)

It will be easy to match a sea foam green tie for the groomsmen to match the bridesmaid dresses. And with a boutonniere of seaweed around a starfish, they’ll definitely look debonair.

Starfish Theme Beach Wedding Groomsmen(Photo Credit: destinationweddingmag.com)

Starfish Wedding Centerpiece

There are lots of ways to incorporate the blue color into a stunning starfish centerpiece! Whether you put soft, flickering lights in jars, put together several decorations of various heights with blue colors, or tone down the blue and mix it in with white lanterns and seashells, your centerpieces are sure to create a very relaxing ambiance.

Starfish Theme Beach Wedding Blue Centerpiece Ideas(Photo Credits from upper right to lower left: thefrugalhomemaker.com, prambains.net, by150w.bay150.mail.live.com)

HotRef’s selection of beach theme items are also appropriate here! The blue lantern has a vintage look to it, perfect for beach themed weddings also!

Vintage Themed Blue Lantern from Hotref.com

In keeping with the starfish theme, we have a large starfish glass candle holder! If you don’t want candles getting wax everywhere, this is the perfect item for you.

Starfish Glass Candle Holders from Hotref.com

This blue tealight holder has a vintage appeal with the embossed aqua glass. What a romantic light candles will cast inside it on your special day!

Vintage Blue Glass Tealight Holder from Hotref.com

There’s also these beach themed candles! With the shells, starfish, and sea shrub, this candle makes a perfect decoration for any starfish wedding.

Beach Themed Candle from Hotref.com

Starfish Wedding Cake

A blue or green wedding cake combined with starfish might look a little plain. But incorporating other design elements from the sea, such as waves, bubbles, kelp, or even scales will make your cake pop!

Starfish Themed Beach Wedding Cake(Photo Credit: thepastrystudio.com)

HotRef sells a starfish wedding cake topper as the perfect accessory atop your delicious creation. It even comes with shells at its base!

Starfish Wedding Cake Topper from Hotref.com

Starfish Wedding Accessories

Of course, HotRef doesn’t just stop at a wedding cake topper! You can find lots of other items with a starfish design on them for your beach wedding! A guest book, a garter, and a ring pillow are just some of the great starfish wedding accessories we have to offer!

Starfish Wedding Accessories from Hotref.com

Starfish Wedding Favors

For the perfect beach wedding, you also need the perfect starfish wedding favors to give to your guests! The starfish scented soap, for example, makes a great giveaway gift!

Starfish Soap from Hotref.com

For an artistic design, the starfish bottle stopper has the look of Murano glass. With bold gold and black stripes, this favor will definitely make a statement with your guests!

Murano Glass Starfish Bottle Stopper from Hotref.com

Last but not least, our starfish keychains are a small favor, easy to fit into travel bags! With the white and blue stripes, this favor is a great way to give your guests an unforgettable reminder of your event!

Murano Starfish Keychain from Hotref.com

If you want even more starfish and beach inspired ideas, re-pin our items on Pintrest! And have a wonderful wedding!