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Tutu Cute Ballerina Birthday Party Ideas

HotRef has some adorable ideas for a ballerina themed birthday party! These great decoration ideas are inspired by tutus for girls who love pink! It also fits tutu cute baby shower for a baby girl.

Tutu Cute Ballerina Birthday Party Ideas from HotRef.com


Birthday Location Setting

For a true ballerina, you can get this great personalized banner! Perfect for a girl who is tutu cute!

Tutu Banner from HotRef.com


You can also get a personalized photo back drop! This is a great item to take pictures in front of with all your party guests!

Tutu Personalized Photo Backdrop from HotRef.com


Tutu Table Setting

The birthday location can be just as frilly as you like! With this pink theme, tutus can be just about anywhere!

tutu-table-setting-2(Photo Credit: blog.hwtm.com)


The tables will have the perfect touch if you add this personalized table runner! It will ad a pink perfect touch to your party.

Tutu Personalized Table Runner from HotRef.com


Tutu Cute Place Card Holder

If your guests need to be directed to their seats, this tutu cute place card holder is so cute! With the ballerina dress, everyone will go right to their seats!

Ballerina Place Card Holders from HotRef.com


This tutu cute photo frame can also be used as a place card holder! You can use it to add to the decor or give it out as a thank you to your guests for coming!

Tutu Cute Photo Frame from HotRef.com


Tutu Birthday Sweets

The tutu theme can be continued into the treats! These cupcakes will be adored by everyone who sees them!

Tutu Cupcakes(Photo Credit: cocoaandfig.com)


These ballerina pops will look great with the pink sugar stuck to the marshmallows! Pink cupcake wrappers complete the effect of a tutu for your ballerina party!

Tutu Pops(Photo Credit: thesitsgirls.com)


Tutu Cute Water Bottle

You don’t have to use plain water bottles for your part! You can do it yourself and add a tutu to each bottle!

tutu-water-decor(Photo Credit: homedit.com)

You can also get water bottles with personalized labels from HotRef! With two different designs, you’ll be glad to show these off at your party!

Tutu Cute Personalized Water Bottles from HotRef.com


Tutu Cute Party Favors

HotRef has a wide variety of other tutu cute party favors available! Be sure to browse through to see the amazing selection available, such as these frosted glass votives!

Tutu Cute Frosted Glass Votives from HotRef.com


You can also get this tutu cute scented soap! With the ballerina slippers on them, this favor will be adored by everyone!

Tutu Cute Scented Soap from HotRef.com


Personalized Tutu Party Favors

We also have some great items that you can personalize for your tutu cute party! The these personalized tutu cute favors involve personalized stickers for tins and bottles!

Personalized Tutu Cute Birthday Party Favors from HotRef.com

HotRef also offers personalized favors that have a tutu personalization imprinted! These favors definitely give your party a classier feel for all your guests

Imprinted Tutu Cute Birthday Party Favors from HotRef.com

And don’t forget our personalized party straw flags! They make great labels for your guest’s drinks!

Tutu Personalized Party Straw Flags from HotRef.com


If you need more ideas, make sure to brows our Pintrest! Have a tutu cute birthday party!