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Traditional Irish Wedding Ideas

On March 17, we’ll celebrate St. Patrick’s day! To mark this special occasion, consider holding a traditional Irish wedding! We at HotRef have some things that you can use to tie in with your wedding to make it really unique!

Traditional Irish Wedding Ideas from HotRef.com

Claddagh Ring

One of the most well-known symbols of Irish weddings, the claddagh ring is often passed down through generations. Worn on the right hand, with point towards the fingernails, it’s a symbol of being single that’s flipped around when the woman comes into a relationship. When engaged, the ring is moved to the left hand, the heart tip pointed outwards until the day of the wedding when it is finally flipped around for good.



Ever wondered where the phrase “tie the knot” comes from? In traditional Irish marriages, couples take the meaning very literally. Their hands are tied with cord in a handfasting ceremony which is where the phrase originated!




Also known as clovers, these green shamrocks are associated with good luck! Four-leaf clovers are popular in America, but three-leaf clovers were the original lucky symbol. Add these to your wedding for good fortune or just for decoration and you can’t go far wrong!




Having a horseshoe in your wedding is good luck at Irish weddings! Tradition says to be careful to carry it so that it’s in the shape of a U or your luck might run out! And it’s really easy to incorporate a small horseshoe in your wedding!



Bridal Dress and Bouquet

Green is definitely the lucky color for Irish weddings. Some brides choose lovely green gowns to wear instead of white. And there’s always plenty of greenery to use in their bouquets.




Groomsmen Dress

For some weddings in Ireland, the groomsmen like to go really traditional. And in Ireland, that means wearing a kilt! Check out these men in their special wedding attire!

Irish-Groomsmen Irish-Groomsmen-2


Wedding Centerpiece

For Irish weddings, any green plant that looks nice in a vase will look right at home in an Irish wedding! Most Irish plants don’t have flowers, so any fresh green plants in water will look lovely on the table.



Wedding Cake & Cake Topper

For Irish wedding cakes, they tend to be more lavish affairs. And, of course, what would an Irish cake be without incorporating the green shamrocks into the design? You’ll love the elegant look the vines give to this cake! And if you’re looking for a claddagh wedding topper or a trinity knot for your wedding cake, check out the toppers on HotRef!


Irish Wedding Cake Top



Any food that has green or a shamrock design is easy to incorporate into an Irish wedding! Cookies are easy to decorate with the shamrock design! Other desserts can also have green added to them for your affair! You can even have pops that will be delicious to look at and to eat.

Irish-cookie Irish-Desert





Having adult beverages on hand is a big part of traditional and modern Irish weddings! And having a drink that’s green colored is just another part of the fun for everyone! Consider adding a shamrock for the perfect added touch!




Wedding Table Setting

Traditional Irish weddings were usually more rustic affairs, so your table settings can easily reflect that! The simple brown napkins will give your wedding a clean look. Tying the shamrock in for your guests gives it a personal touch.


Wedding Favors

HotRef has some great party favors and wedding accessories if you’re going to have an Irish wedding! Our shamrock/trinity love knot bottle stoppers are colorful with their green leaves! But if you want something in an elegant silver, our other love knot bottle stoppers are just right for you! And if you just want something green, our favor boxes are perfect to put small gifts in for your guests!

Irish Wedding Party Favors from HotRef.com


If you want to look at all images, check our Irish Wedding Ideas at Pinterest board. Happy Planning!