Just Married Outdoor Wedding Ideas

After months and months of vigorous wedding planning — picking out wedding invitations, choosing the perfect wedding venue, and planning out every little detail for the wedding reception — now is the day it all pays off! This Wedding Wednesday, we’ll be going over “Just Married” wedding ideas from picture perfect wedding photos to creative […]

BBQ Party – Ideas & Tips on Having the Perfect Outdoor Party

A backyard barbecue party is the perfect way to spend time with family and friends; especially as the weather starts to heat up! Whether you’re celebrating a baby shower, a birthday, wedding, Memorial Day party or just having friends over for some delicious food — we’ve put together a guide for tips and ideas to […]

Lantern Decoration Ideas for Summer Wedding

For your summer wedding, there are lots of ways to incorporate lanterns! HotRef has lots of ideas for the decorative element that lanterns provide! Summer Wedding Location Decor Let’s face it – in the heat of summer, all you want to do is get cool. Having your wedding next to a lake is certain to […]

Outdoor Wedding Ideas with Bicycles

It’s summer time, which means the best weddings are held outdoors! This special outdoor wedding, also called a Bicycle Wedding or a Biking Wedding is an unique way to celebrate your love! Summer time isn’t just for beach weddings – it’s the perfect time for biking now too! HotRef has some great ideas for how […]

Outdoor Garden Wedding Ideas

Looking for a romantic outdoor wedding theme for summer; something that’s rustic, yet elegant? Summer is a fabulous time to have an Outdoor Garden Wedding. The weather is beautiful and the open air of the outdoors is where everyone wants to be. Planning a wedding isn’t a breeze, but with a few ideas and inspiration […]

Baseball Themed Outdoor Wedding

Baseball is considered America’s past time, it’s the all American sport. There are those people who eat, sleep, breathe and live baseball. For the all American couple who loves baseball more than anything, a Baseball Themed Wedding would seem like a fitting match. Planning a Baseball Themed Wedding was a home run. Get inspired to […]

Outdoor Wedding Ideas at Spring

The flowers are blooming, the bees are buzzing and the birds are chirping. Spring is one of the best times to have an outdoor wedding, the weather is starting to warm up and skies start to clear. What better way to take advantage of nature and beauty than with an outdoor wedding. An outdoor wedding […]