Wedding Reception Decor Ideas

This Wedding Wednesday, we don’t have a particular theme this week but there are a lot of wedding reception decoration ideas we’ve been loving! From candle holders to lighting — we’ve got plenty of Wedding Wednesday ideas for those of who are in the midst of wedding planning or is a wedding planner! Continue reading […]

Bridal Shower Tea Party Ideas

Remember when your best friend slept over and you both played tea party with your favorite Barbie dolls and teddy bears? You would get dressed up in your fanciest clothes and serve your best tea and cookies. That was then, and now for your bridal shower you’re going to host a bigger and better tea […]

Radiant Orchid Wedding Inspiration

Late 2013, Pantone announced the official color of the year for 2014 as Radiant Orchid. A color that is a mix of purple and pink, this is predicted to be the hot color of 2014 weddings. With the beginning of the New Year underway, here’s our take on the radiant orchid wedding inspiration. Every trendy […]