DIY Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

For wedding decorations, it can be hard to choose just the right centerpiece – something that will attract everyone’s attention without stealing the show. Fortunately, we at HotRef have some great ideas for wedding centerpieces that will work for many wedding themes and be a great addition to your decorations. Birdcage Wire cages can bring […]

Lantern Decoration Ideas for Summer Wedding

For your summer wedding, there are lots of ways to incorporate lanterns! HotRef has lots of ideas for the decorative element that lanterns provide! Summer Wedding Location Decor Let’s face it – in the heat of summer, all you want to do is get cool. Having your wedding next to a lake is certain to […]

Mommy To Bee Baby Shower Ideas

Spring happnes to be a popular season for many festivities, bridal showers, baby showers and weddings. Spring is a time of new beginnings, a time when barron lands become lush and bright fields. Spring flowers are the brightest, but not without the help of insects and bees. The sunny and bright days of Spring are […]

Radiant Orchid Wedding Inspiration

Late 2013, Pantone announced the official color of the year for 2014 as Radiant Orchid. A color that is a mix of purple and pink, this is predicted to be the hot color of 2014 weddings. With the beginning of the New Year underway, here’s our take on the radiant orchid wedding inspiration. Every trendy […]

Christmas Decoration Ideas

Christmas is the holiday that has many iconic symbols linked to it. Between the snowflakes and ornaments, it’s not hard to find something that’s associated with Christmas. With Christmas right around the corner, why not get into a Christmas mood with some Christmas decoration ideas? Turn on the Christmas music in the background and get […]