2015 Holiday Sale at HotRef

A big holiday promotional sale launched again at HotRef. We want to try our best to provide you with the most favorable discount and the best service. From 12/07/2015 ~ 12/21/2015, just enter the coupon code XNG9AE to get 5% off when you check out. No minimum order required. Applies to merchandise only and does not apply to shipping fees, taxes, […]

Decor Christmas Party with Ornament, Lantern and Candle

Have you got some ideas to adorn your Christmas party? If you don’t, we’d like to offer you with some party decoration idea; if you do, welcome to exchange ideas with each other. It’s sure to add a touch of  elegance and spice up warm atmosphere to your special party with the embellishments of ornaments, […]

Holiday Gift Shop at HotRef

With Christmas and New Year is almost one month away, we guess you are looking for holiday gifts in this busy holiday season. We have newly opened a Holiday Gift Shop at our HotRef.  In this special shop, we have prepared an array of holiday gifts for him, for her, for kids, for home and […]

2015 Thanksgiving Holiday Sale

With Thanksgiving is just two days away, we think you must get everything ready to celebrate the big holiday when family get together to have a meal. If you are planning holiday, here is a batch of Holiday Party Favors at HotRef. They will be sure to spice up warm holiday atmosphere to you. From November 24th, […]

Super Week Holiday Sale!

Holiday season is approaching quickly, Thanksgiving, Christmas and many special occasions are awaiting. Meaning someone is planning, is that you? Whether it is you or a love one, I’m sure discounts are always helpful. At HotRef we’re glad to welcome our super week sale. It is a holiday season for everybody to celebrate.  Experience laughter […]

Holiday Gift Guide: Find the Perfect Gifts for Every Budget

It’s end of October, which means holiday is on the way, for example, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year. Are you ready for any gifts? Are you lost in all kinds of promotional gift sales? Please calm down and think what the best gift for your love is. Here at NyFifth.com we will give you […]

DIY Christmas Ornament Ideas

During the holiday season, money can be a bit tight when it comes to frivolous items like ornaments and holiday decorations. While most are spending their hard earned money on gifts for everyone on their list, and they’re also over looking decor items. Ornaments and decorations can seem a bit expensive for something only used […]

Christmas Gift Ideas for Boys and Girls

Christmas is a festive holiday that makes all the kids excited because they are going to receive numerous gifts from father, mother, and even Christmas father. Have you thought about how to pick up Christmas gifts which children will like best? Next, let’s offer you more Christmas Gift Ideas for your reference. We hope it […]

Christmas Party Centerpiece Ideas

We love being your inspiration for party planning and party prepping. The holiday season can seem stressful enough, and having to add on the additional challenge of planning a holiday party can overwhelm anyone. With the holiday season creeping faster upon us, we’ve introduced a plethora of holiday ideas including holiday party decoration ideas. To […]

Holiday Party Decoration Ideas

We love throwing a festive and fun holiday party, but what’s a party without decorations? At HotRef.com, we are your one stop for all things holiday, from favors to decor, we’ve got your party planning covered. With Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and the New Years on the way, we’re excited to introduce some new holiday party […]

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