Napa Valley Winery Wedding Ideas

Wine-country weddings are a growing trend for so many good reasons: picturesque views, romantic grapevines, and best of all — delicious wine. This Wedding Wednesday, we’re gather all our favorite winery wedding ideas from our favorite wine country Napa Valley. From breath-taking Napa Valley wedding venues to cleaver and fun wedding decorations, we’re got all your […]

DIY Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

For wedding decorations, it can be hard to choose just the right centerpiece – something that will attract everyone’s attention without stealing the show. Fortunately, we at HotRef have some great ideas for wedding centerpieces that will work for many wedding themes and be a great addition to your decorations. Birdcage Wire cages can bring […]

Wedding Wednesday: DIY Wedding centerpieces for Spring 2015

Today on HotRef, we’re going to feature some wedding centerpieces that you can do yourself! These elegant choices will draw everyone’s eye to the gorgeous decorations and you can achieve a really unique look with some of these ideas! Square Glass Vase You don’t have to fill square glass vases with flowers or tea lights […]

Christmas Party Centerpiece Ideas

We love being your inspiration for party planning and party prepping. The holiday season can seem stressful enough, and having to add on the additional challenge of planning a holiday party can overwhelm anyone. With the holiday season creeping faster upon us, we’ve introduced a plethora of holiday ideas including holiday party decoration ideas. To […]

Showing Your Love for 2014 Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day always seems like a couples’ holiday, a day where two people shower each other with love and gifts. However, a misconception is that Valentine’s Day is JUST a day for couples. Have you ever walked into a greeting card store and saw ONLY Valentine’s Day cards for couples? No, there are a ton […]

Radiant Orchid Wedding Inspiration

Late 2013, Pantone announced the official color of the year for 2014 as Radiant Orchid. A color that is a mix of purple and pink, this is predicted to be the hot color of 2014 weddings. With the beginning of the New Year underway, here’s our take on the radiant orchid wedding inspiration. Every trendy […]

Christmas Wedding Ideas

Christmas is the time when family and friends gather together to celebrate and be with loved ones. A wedding is a coming together of two families to be one. Put these two together and you have the ultimate reason to have a Christmas Wedding. There are probably a few other reasons to have a Christmas […]

Christmas Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

A Christmas wedding seems like a ridiculous idea, you have all the stress of planning the wedding and planning the holidays. If you’re one of the brave few who decided to have a Christmas wedding, hopefully you’re wedding planning started before the Holiday season. With the stress of holiday shopping and the chaos of planning […]

Pumpkin Ideas for Your Fall Wedding

The leaves changing color and school starting are just some of the fall symbols, another fall iconic symbol is the pumpkin. The pumpkin, besides being linked to fall, is also a confirmation that Halloween is right around the corner. With the autumn equinox in 2 days, we felt it was fitting to give our readers […]