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Summer BBQ Party Ideas

Memorial Day is the start of the grilling season for many folks. The hotter weather means spending time outside to get that fresh summer breeze and warm sunshine. A BBQ party is also a great way to gather family and friends for a fun time and an inexpensive meal. A Summer BBQ Party is great for any occasion or reason, whether it’s a graduation party, or an outdoor wedding party, we give you ideas on how to plan your Summer BBQ Party.
Summer BBQ Party ideas from HotRef.com

Grill Master Apron Kit

Having the right tools for BBQing is the key to having a successful BBQ. Keep yourself guarded from flying flames and grease splatters. The Grill Master Apron Kit is the ideal companion for the Master Griller at home. There’s pockets for conveniently holding grill tools and grill accessories. There’s also a pocket for drinks to stay hydrated near the flames. Any master griller will appreciate this handy tool.

Grill Mate BBQ Set

Besides having the right coat in arms for your BBQ, you need to have the right tools. Our Grill Mate BBQ Set has all the tools you’ll need to make the perfect BBQ meal. With five different tools, you can master the perfect grill mark on all your meats. It also comes with a convient carrying case to keep all your tools together and it’s great for travel.

Blanket Station

For a Dinner BBQ party, having a blanket station is the next big thing. The blankets can be used as wraps to keep warm during unexpected chilly nights. They can also be used for seating on the grass if your BBQ area is large enough. You can have two different blanket stations one for wraps and one for picnic style seating. Guests will enjoy basking in the sun and the extra seating if benches are unavaliable.

Blanket Station Idea

Drinks Station

Having a drinks station set up will eliminate the work of having to refill the drinks every 30 minutes. An alternative option is having different coolers for different drinks. Rather than pile all the drinks into one big cooler, have designated coolers or containers for specific drinks. You can label which container has what type of drink so guests can pick what they want. You can refill certain containers as they dwindle down and have enough drinks for everyone to choose from.

Drinks Station

Mason Drinking Jars with Vinyl Chalkboard Labels

For a smaller BBQ gathering, we suggest using our Mason Drinking Jars with Vinyl Chalkboard Labels. The mason jars come with a lid to prevent lurking insects from swimming into your drinks. While the flower designed lid is ideal for holding your straw for drinks. The vinyl chalkboard label will ensure that everyone has their own drink cup.

Utensils Holder

There are plenty of ways to get utensils into the hands of your guests. We liked the idea of having a few utensils holders so guests can grab what they need. You can use inexpensive flower pots or containers to seperate the utensils. We suggest using this as your table centerpiece, so utensils are at reach when guests need them.

Utensils Holder

Hot Dog Bar

For a bigger BBQ party, stick to having one main course, and more options for side dishes or condiments. A hot dog bar is a great inexspenive way host a bigger crowd for a BBQ party, since hot dogs are inexspenive and allow for multiple customization. Rather than give guests option for entrees, save money by giving them options on side dishes and condiments, things they won’t need a whole lot of. This also allows the host to have more time mingling rather than slaving away at the grill. However, if you do have guests who don’t enjoy hot dogs, see if there are hot dog alternatives like turkey dogs or chicken sausages.

Hot Dog Bar

S’Mores Baskets

What’s an open flame with out having a few S’mores? You can prepare s’more baskets for guests to create their own s’mores creation. Include marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate into a small basket so each guests can customize their dessert. If you’re planning on using the same grill from BBQing, just have skewers ready for roasting the marshmellows. You can also set up a different grill or smaller flame if you don’t plan on recycling the same grill from BBQing.

S'mores Station

Watermelon Pops

A Summer BBQ staple besides the food, is watermelon. It’s a classic fruit that makes an apparence at all the BBQs. To eliminate sticky messes and dirty hands from touching every slice, you can pre slice the watermelon and stick them on top of popsicle sticks. They’re great for little kids who tend to get sticky after devouring watermelon. Adults will love them too since they can have one hand free to enjoy a beverage while eating their watermelon.

Watermelon Pops
June is the official kick off of the BBQing season. Jump start your BBQ party with a few of our BBQ Party Ideas on Pinterest. You can also find BBQ Sets for your BBQ at our wesbite. Summer is just around the corner, eliminate the stress of having a party by using a few of our ideas and tips. Happy Planning!