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Silver Winter Wedding Ideas

Through out most of summer and fall, we were in love with the color gold. It’s an over the top the glam color that adds the perfect touch of elegance. Since winter colors tend to fall more into cool tones, we love the idea of a silver wedding color. Silver pairs amazingly with white or navy, for those who prefer a duo color. To help brides begin their planning process, or ideas for final finishing touches, here is our take on a silver winter wedding.
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To match your wedding invitations to the wedding theme, a bride can choose either silver glitter or silver foil to give a pop of shiny. It’s an eye catching detail that makes invitations special and stand out.

Silver Winter Wedding Invitations Ideas

Bridal Details

To make silver a bride friendly color, consider choosing silver accessories like glitter shoes or hair pieces. If a modern bride doesn’t mind dripping in silver, consider a light grey dress with silver details. These details will definitely catch everyone’s eyes.

Silver Winter Wedding Bride Ideas

Bridesmaid Dresses

Bridesmaids dresses can also feature silver shiny embellishments, or even highlight different hues of silver or grey.

Silver Winter Wedding Bridesmaids Dresses


If flowers are costly during the winter months, try creating a bouquet from fabrics or other materials. You can use the same color fabric from the wedding dress in the bouquet.

Silver Winter Wedding Bouquet

Wedding Decorations

Since this is a winter wedding, using Christmas ornaments as decorations is a great decorating idea. Because most of the ornaments come in winter shapes and even silver color, hanging a few ornaments as decorations can save a lot of money.

Silver Winter Wedding Decoration Ideas

Table Clothes

Make your tables sparkle and shine with silver glitter or silver sparkles. You can offset some of the bling from the silver with a matte or single color table runner.

Silver Winter Wedding Table

Table Centerpiece Ideas

There are so many different centerpiece ideas brides can utilize for this silver winter wedding. Using various sized vases, create a bouquet of ornaments and white poinsettia to create a silver Christmas themed centerpiece. For the DIYer create an easy centerpiece using glitter, candles and hurricane holders. It’s also and inexpensive decoration for the reception as well. Another amazingly easy centerpiece is using tree branches painted in silver, a vase and a few ornament decorations. This centerpiece will add height to the tables as well as a little Christmas detail.

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Cake Ideas

Desserts are always a delicious and sweet ending to wedding. For a traditional bride who wants the tall white cake, add some silver embellishments to create an eye catching cake. Cupcakes can also join in the fun festivities with silver cake top decorations and wrapper decorations. Cake balls are another fun dessert that can utilize silver, either in the details or the icing.

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Silver Winter Wedding Favors

We love winter wedding favors, they’re so adorable and pair well with any color that you choose. The Silver Snowflake Ornament is such an adorable favor for any winter party. The silver snowflake detaches and becomes an ornament for Christmas trees or just a decoration. The other favor we’re loving for this wedding is the Silver Glitter Favor Box. The sister to the popular gold glitter favor box, this silver favor box is perfect giving small treats and favors. If you’re looking for more silver options, many of our metallic foil favors come in silver or gold, giving you brides plenty of silver favor designs to customize and personalize.

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Winter Wedding Favors

While silver favors can be glamorous and elegant, we have a few suggestions for winter themed favors. A small vile of home made hot chocolate mix is a great give away gift. Guests can even use it at the wedding as sweet ending. Macaroons are a very popular favor and give away gift, guests will enjoy nibbling on these desserts.

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Winter weddings can be just as over the top glamourous as a summer or fall wedding. By using the right decorations and details, any wedding can be elegant and luxurious. For more winter wedding ideas, and winter wedding favors, visit our Pinterest site. Happy Planning!!