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Romantic English Garden Wedding Ideas

All flowers sprouting in hopeful spring. More and more new couples get married in the season of spring because of its warm weather and condition. English garden is a new theme designed for wedding and bridal shower. Here we are glad to share more wedding ideas with you.

Here is English garden wedding inspired with mainly light peach and rose colors:

English Garden Wedding Ideas from HotRef.com


With mainly dark color of sage and antique lantern and place card holder inspired for English garden wedding:

English Garden Wedding Ideas Green from HotRef.com

Wedding Place Setting

English garden, just as its name supplies, the place where to hold a wedding ceremony is garden. Setting the chair on both two sides and decorate the chairs with some green leaves to make wedding more close to the spring.

Garden Wedding Place Setting from HotRef.com

(Image: stylemepretty.com)

Wedding Sign Decor

Creative decoration setting tends to leave a good memory to your guests. Give guests an effective guidance on how to get to the place where they want to go. Decorate the bike with fresh and bright flowers and put several sign marks inserted to the flowers.

Garden Wedding Sign Decor from HotRef.com

(Image: theglamoroushousewife.com)

Wedding Table Decor

Something beautiful placed on guest’s table will give them much surprise when they find their seats. It’s perfect and charming way to make tables elephant with lanterns, candles and flowers. They are nice party decors that play an important part in making your wedding an unforgettable one.

  • Lantern

Vintage Bird Cage Lantern is uniquely designed in bird cage that can be placed on table as party decors. They are widely used in garden theme, outside inspired or more spring related events.

Vintage Bird Cage Lantern from HotRef.com

  • Candle

White Ceramic Rose Tea Light Holder with green leaves accented around will be the focal talk of your events. These candles are elegant party decors for your special day and are also perfect for more rose themed parties.

White Ceramic Rose Tea Light Holder from HotRef.com

Table Number

Guests will easily find their tables and seats when you place this table numbers on reception tables. Put the flowers on tables for a more beautiful look.

Garden Wedding Table Number from HotRef.com

(Image: storyboardwedding.com)

Place Card Holder

Antiqued Victorian Oval Shape Photo Frame can be placed at guests tables filled with photos of the happy couple or used as place card holder to add vintage touch to your table decor at your garden wedding or garden theme bridal shower!

Antiqued Victorian Oval Shape Photo Frame from HotRef.com

Wedding Cake

Add more sweetness to your love story with a sweet cake. Not only you can taste the sweetness, but also the guests will share your sweetness and happiness on your events. The cake can be decorated with flowers and green leaves.

Garden Wedding Cake from HotRef.com

(Image: stylemepretty.com)

Wedding Bouquet

Wedding bouquet is assembled with different colored flowers. Use them to tie on bride’s and bridesmaid’s hands. These bright bouquets are sure to make the bride more graceful in this special day!

Garden Wedding Bouquet from HotRef.com

(Image: ruffledblog.com)

English Garden Favors

We have more new English garden party favors updated to our site. They can be used to decorate your wedding and sent them as give-away or thank you gifts for guests. Read our blog to get more information about English Garden Favors.

English Garden Favors from HotRef.com

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