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Princess Birthday Party Ideas

The princess birthday theme is an ever-popular one for girls! This is the birthday for those who love dress-up, like playing make believe, and who love the color pink. We at HotRef have an abundance of princess themed items, so let us show you how to make this a day fit for royalty.

Princess Birthday Party Ideas from HotRef.com


Princess Birthday Starter Kits

If you’re not sure where to start, the princess party decoration kit is the perfect purchase for you! Instead of going out to three different stores and hoping you find the right color match, you can get our kit with all the work done for you!

Princess Party Decoration Starter Kit from HotRef.com


Princess Birthday Invitations

These princess invitations don’t just have a pink background! They also have the castle at the top and a smiling princess at the bottom for a perfect princess party.

Princess Party Invitations from HotRef.com

Princess Birthday Banner

The princess party pennant banner will grace your birthday with ease! It can be personalized with a name for a special surprise!

Princess Party Pennant Banner from HotRef.com

Princess Birthday Cake

The cake for a princess party should be ornate. With a jeweled crown and scepter, and a cake shaped like a ball gown (including pink bows!), the princess cake is sure to amaze your guests.

Princess-Birthday-Cake(Photo Credit: cakes.com)


Princess Birthday Cupcake

As this birthday is mainly celebrated by young girls, cupcakes in the shape of a princess dress are the perfect treat! With the shiny tiara, belt, and scepter, it will dazzle old and young princesses alike!

Princess-Birthday-Pink-Cupcake(Photo Credit: facebook.com)

HotRef also has princess cupcake topper and wrapper which you can complete all the details in your special party.

Princess Party Cupcake Wrappers & Cupcake Toppers from HotRef.com

Princess Birthday Cookies

Cookies in the shape of a crown will be a smash at the princess birthday party! It’s easy to decorate a royal jewel and little flourishes on the crown!

Tiara cookies for a princess party(Photo Credit: punchbowl.com)


Princess Birthday Party Drinks

Put your drinks inside a bottle fit for a princess! These milk bottles, which can be personalized, are great as decoration or as favors for your guests!

Princess Party Personalized Milk Bottles from HotRef.com


Princess Birthday Personalized Favor Labels

Speaking of personalizing things, we have a variety of princess personalized labels with the princess theme! You can put the stickers on straws, water bottles, or anything else you can think of to help decorate!

Personalized Princess Stickers from HotRef.com


Princess Birthday Personalized Favors

But HotRef doesn’t stop at just stickers! We offer a variety of personalized favors with the princess theme! You can give these away to your guests as a special reminder of the birthday they attended.

Princess Personalized Birthday Favors from HotRef.com


Princess Birthday Crown Favors

HotRef also has a number of favors that have the princess crown theme! You can make just about anyone feel like royalty with these!

First off, the glitter crown clips are covered in glitter and faux pearls. They come with a clip so they’re easy to attach to hair!

Glitter Crown Clip from HotRef.com


Next, the silver crown bookmarks come in a gift box with a white satin ribbon. They’re easy to hand out to the guests and have an elegant fleur-de-lis design.

Crown Design Bookmark Favors from HotRef.com



We also have a majestic crown key chain favor! It comes in a black box with a bow and has sparkly, raised, beaded accents.

Majestic Crown Keychain Favor from HotRef.com


If that just isn’t enough for you, HotRef has even more ideas at their Pintrest board! Happy planning!