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Paris Tea Party Ideas for Sweet 16

Birthdays are always an exciting part of life, celebrating another year of laughter, memories, and joy with those who are dear to us. As a teenage girl turning 16 can be the biggest event if in her young adult life. For a young girl transitioning into a lady, she’ll want a sophisticated yet not overly mature theme for her birthday. A Parisian tea party is the perfect theme for added elegance she’ll want, without growing up too fast.
Sweet 16 Paris Tea Party Ideas from HotRef.com

Tea Party Invitations

For this sweet 16, we liked the tea party invitations, you can also choose a Parisian themed invitation. Since there are a combination of two themes, you can’t go wrong with either theme.

Eiffel Tower Decorations

For that instant Parisian appearance choose plenty of Eiffel Tower decorations. This Eiffel Tower Centerpiece is a great attention grabber upon entering the party. Guests will instantly be reminded of Paris with this iconic landmark. All of our Eiffel Tower themed party favors are charming decorations for this party.

DIY Vintage Tier Stand

This vintage inspired tier stand is an easy DIY project for this party. It can be used as decorations or a stand for displaying food, desserts and other party needs. It’s an expensive project she’ll enjoy putting together before her party.

DIY Vintage Tier Stand

Tea Cups and Saucers

Be sure to pick up a few extra tea cups and saucers for the table settings. You can pick fancy pieces for the birthday girl to make her day extra special. We also feature some personalized tea party favors and supplies to create a cohesive tea party.

Paris Tea Party Table Setting

Tea Party Centerpieces

For centerpiece ideas, we think using tea pots for vases makes this party a fabulously decorated one. These can be tea pots bought at the thrift store and redecorated for this party.

Paris Tea Party Centerpieces

Food Themed Centerpieces

To make this party a little more sophisticated, use tiered serving trays as centerpieces at the table. If she’s inviting a few close friends, you can place all of the food selections directly to the table. This will fill up any blank spaces at the table and providing easier access to food.

Paris Tea Party Desserts

Birthday Cake Ideas

We like this idea of a fun cake design for a sweet 16 party. She’s growing up but doesn’t this cake doesn’t scream, adult. A Parisian or Tea themed cake is very fitting for this party.

Paris Tea Party Birthday Cake

Tea Party Desserts

Finger foods are an important detail for a tea party, and that’s no exception for desserts as well. These tiny cake pops are perfect delicate desserts for this party, but don’t limit dessert to just cake pops, cupcakes and macaroons are also great ideas as well.

Paris Tea Party Desserts

Tea Party and Paris Party Favors

Since this sweet 16 theme is the harmonious combination of two different themes, her selection for party favors is a little more expansive. For a tea party themed favor, we chose these lovely Teapot Place Card Favor Boxes that are absolutely adorable and have multipurpose use. For a Parisian themed favor, we think the Macaron Design Key Chain Favors are just delightful. It pairs well with either theme and it’s age appropriate for this sweet 16.

Her sweet 16 birthday will one of the few milestone birthdays she’ll enjoy celebrating. Letting her choose a theme that’s fitting for her birthday will make her birthday a memorable occasion. For all of our Tea Party Themed Favors, visit our website. We feature personalized options for most of the tea party favors and party supplies. Don’t forget to check out our French Themed Party Favors and Eiffel Tower Themed Party Favors. For more Sweet 16 Party ideas, visit our Pinterest page for ideas and inspirations. Happy Planning!!