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Outdoor Garden Wedding Ideas

Looking for a romantic outdoor wedding theme for summer; something that’s rustic, yet elegant? Summer is a fabulous time to have an Outdoor Garden Wedding. The weather is beautiful and the open air of the outdoors is where everyone wants to be. Planning a wedding isn’t a breeze, but with a few ideas and inspiration you can make your Outdoor Garden Wedding a beautiful and memorable wedding.
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When picking dressed for your bridesmaid and yourself, consider a blowy and light dress. Being outdoors in the sun with a bulky dress, doesn’t make for beautiful pictures. Pick light weight materials that will flow with the breeze, this will also give you a romantic look without a lot of effort.

Wedding and Bridesmaid Dresses


For your garden wedding, send out invitations that feature lots of floral prints or flowers on them. Having all your small details correlate to your wedding details will impress your guests even before they attend your wedding. This will also give your guests an idea on how to dress and which attire would be fitting for your ceremony.


Ceremony Decorations

If you’re planing on having the ceremony and reception in one area, try to designate which area is the ceremony and which area is the reception. Create an outdoor alter and then decorate with plants and flowers so guests know this is the ceremony area. You can also add flowy fabric for a soft dramatic look.

Outdoor Decorations

Hanging Decorations

Don’t over use decorations at your outdoor wedding, use decorations that will compliment the outdoor garden. Hanging decorations are a great use of this idea, since they’ll mimic natural vines it will compliment the outdoors. Using mason jars, fill them with flowers or succulent plants then tie a ribbon and hang them from tree branches. You can also use this same idea but instead of plants in the jars try candles, this is great way to get light when the sun goes down. For a unique touch, try stringing origami cranes or any origami craft, and hang that from a tree branch. This will also add some more color to your reception or ceremony area. The flowers can be part of your ceremony area while the candles are great for your reception area.

Hanging Decorations

Seating Area

For the comfort of your guests, try providing an area for seating. Being on your feet all night is just not fun and it hurts, having an area to relax and rest your feet will put a smile on your guests face. You can use old furniture from a thrift store and just place covers on them, or you can also set up a seating area on the ground. Pick something that’s suitable for your guests and that will compliment your wedding.

Seating area

Extra Amenities

Provide extra amenities for your guests that will make your wedding memorable. A shoe station is perfect for an outdoor garden wedding, next to the shoe station provide guests with flip flops or sandals. They can kick back their feet and enjoy themselves dancing or relaxing the night away. Umbrellas are fabulous for providing shade from the sun, provide your guests with a few umbrellas to stay cool. You can also provide hand fans as well to keep guests cool.

Extra Amenities

Table Setting and Centerpiece

A rustic setup for your reception area is perfectly acceptable for an outdoor wedding. You can use tables of different shapes and sizes to provide a more down home feel. Don’t worry about fancy table decorations, a simple lantern makes a great centerpiece. You can also try filling a tall vase with a little bit of sand and flower buds. This will provide the tables with just enough light and ambiance for your guests. Don’t crowd your tables with too many centerpieces or too much decorations, guests still need room for their drinks and food.

Table Scape

Garden Food

Keep your food light and simple, after all this is an outdoor wedding in summer. When picking food to serve, try getting ideas from your local farmers market. Also ask your chef or caterer to see if they use local markets to get their produce. A garden wedding should have plenty of garden veggie variety and fresh fruit. Seasonal produce is also inexpensive when it’s in abundance. Don’t worry for those who enjoy a little carb, you can try having a bread dipping bar. This creative idea is great for mingling among your guests, as well as giving a modern twist to a traditional appetizer.


Wedding Cake

To decorate your wedding cake, try a simple band of pink peonies or pink seasonal flowers across a white cake. You can also have your flowers match your wedding bouquet.

Wedding Cake


For this outdoor garden wedding, our newest collection of rustic garden wedding favors are perfect for this occasion. For a romantic favor try the Personalized Frosted-Glass Votive, these candle votive holders are romantically designed and feature many outdoor elements that will match your wedding theme. The other fabulous favor fit for this garden wedding, the Love in Bloom Faux Succulent Bottle Stopper. This clever designed bottle stopper is a faux succulent plant but it’s a fitting match for your garden wedding.

Outdoor Garden Wedding Favors from HotRef.com

Just Married

To keep with the garden theme, decorate your get away car with a flower wreath. Also try picking a sign with flowers on it, or decorating your sign with flowers. This small detail will pull your wedding together to make a memorable one.

Just Married
Finding memorable ideas will make your wedding the talk of the town. Don’t worry we’ve got plenty of memorable ideas at our Outdoor Garden Wedding Idea Pinterest board. Happy Planning!