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Nautical Baby Shower Ideas

If your next baby shower is going to be for a boy, the nautical theme is a great idea and a popular one! At HotRef, we’re here to give you some ideas for your nautical baby shower so you can sail the seven seas feeling confident about your special day!

Nautical Baby Shower Ideas from HotRef.com


Nautical Baby Shower Invitation

The adorable invitations available for the nautical baby shower theme will have you in love with anchors and ships! This one is a great example of an invitation for friends and family!

Nautical-Baby-Shower-Invitation(Photo Credit: projectnursery.com)


Of course, you can always make life a little easier on yourself! HotRef has some great nautical baby shower invitations that you can easily customize and have delivered to you.

Nautical Baby Shower Invitations from HotRef.com

 Nautical Baby Shower Starter

The nautical baby shower decoration starter kit makes your life as simply as can be! With all the accessories already matched for you, all you have to do is decorate with them!

Nautical Baby Shower Decoration Starter Kit from HotRef.com



Nautical Baby Shower Banner

The nautical baby shower banner is an adorable way to mark your occasion! With the available personalization, your guests will be amazed at the special touch this banner brings to your party!

Nautical Baby Shower Personalized Banner from HotRef.com



Nautical Baby Shower Photo Booth Backdrop

If you’re looking for a great way to get professional looking pictures at your nautical baby shower, the photo booth backdrop is for you! Each picture you take will have the personalized message available, reminding everyone of the special event they attended!

Nautical Baby Shower Photo Booth Backdrop from HotRef.com



Nautical Baby Shower Table Setting

If you want to make sure your part pops, check out this great way of setting your table! The blue, white, and red colors all blend together to create a fantastic decorative setting!

Nautical-Baby-Shower-Setting(Photo Credit: catchmyparty.com)


HotRef has a great table runner for a nautical baby shower! It can even be personalized so the guests have another reminder of the great time they’ve had at your party!

Nautical Baby Shower Personalized Table Runner from HotRef.com



Nautical Baby Shower Cake & Cookies

Any cake you bring to the party that reminds one of a ship will be perfect for a nautical baby shower! This cake with the anchors, the ship’s wheel, and the life rafts are completed with the rope detail on the bottom layer.

Nautical-Baby-Shower-Cake-2(Photo Credit: southernbluecelebrations.blogspot.com)


Cookies that look like sailboats are a great treat for your guests! With white sails, a blue boat, and a red flag, these boats fit in just right to a nautical baby shower!

Nautical-Baby-Shower-Cookie(Photo Credit: projectnursery.com)


Nautical Baby Shower Drink

The nautical baby shower drinks will look even cuter with personalized party straw flags! Check out the ones that HotRef has available!

Nautical Baby Shower Personalized Party Straws from HotRef.com



Nautical Baby Shower Gifts

Onsies and diapers with an anchor on it make great gifts for a nautical baby shower! Either red or blue anchors will make a great gift at this shower!

Nautical-Baby-Shower-Clothes(Photo Credit: purpletrail.com)


Nautical Baby Shower Party Favors

HotRef has great party favors for your nautical baby shower! You can browse through our blog about the favors and see the many other things we have to offer!

Nautical-Baby-Shower-Favors-Ideas from HotRef.com



You can see even more great ideas on our Pintrest! Happy baby shower planning!