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My Little Man Birthday Party Ideas

Question: How hard is to plan a birthday party? Answer: HARD!
Question: How hard is to find a birthday theme for a boy? Answer: HARD!
Question: Who has the answer to an easy birthday theme for a boy? Answer: HotRef!
We know that finding a birthday theme for a boy can be difficult. Especially when majority of the common themes are cartoonish or… well… common. For his first birthday, he can’t tell you what sort of birthday he wants, his main job at this birthday party is to be there and to look cute. Our inspiration for this birthday theme comes from our recently released favors “My Little Man”. Focusing solely on the popular mustache, My Little Man can be an easy and no fuss birthday theme with the right planning.
My Little Man Birthday Party Ideas from HotRef.com

Birthday Centerpiece

Since this is a first birthday, we suggest keeping centerpieces simple. We also like the idea of double duty decorations. Mustaches, bow ties, and top hats can be main pieces for your centerpiece but also photo props for pictures. Add in a few other detail pieces such as “1” or “My Little Man” to have a variety of decorations and props. Keep a few of these centerpieces scattered around so guests can take plenty of fun pictures at your party.

My Little Man Centerpiece

Birthday Cake

For his first birthday why not serve a cake and cupcakes? A cake for the adults who are prefer a little piece and whole cupcakes for children. A whole cupcake can even be given to the birthday boy as his personal cake. Decorations on the cake and cupcakes should be the same as the decoration pieces for the party. Mustaches, bow ties, “My Little Man”, “First Birthday” are great toppers for cupcakes and will give each cupcake a little individuality. While the cake can have one big mustache on the top, for simplicity. The traditional blue icing can be used to decorate both the cupcakes and cakes.

My Little Man Cupcake

Birthday Board Poster

A birthday board poster is great for introducing your little man to family and friends. You can fill this birthday board with your choice of information on your little man. What are his favorites, what does he like, his height and weight, how many teeth does he have. These are all great ways for guests to get to you know your little man. You can even use a photo as the main portion of this board. The ideas for this birthday board are limited to your creativity and imagination.

My Little Man Birthday Board Poster

Birthday Treats

Keeping to the theme of his first birthday party serve options that he might like. Cookies and milk are important if those are his favorites, the cookies can even be take home favors. Favor boxes can be used as containers for the cookies, just set them to the side of the table. To make your own mustache cookies, you can use our My Little Man Mustache Cookie Cutter. The favor box, the jar, and the cookie cutter can be found with our collection of “My Little Man” Favors.

My Little Man Favors

My Little Man Favors

All of our “My Little Man” favors can be found on our wesbite. Most of the favors can be personalized, some are imprinted personalizations while other are sticker options. Most of these favors can be double duty options for your party; they can be favors and decorations pieces, not to mention everything will coordinate with each other.

First birthdays are one of the few precious moments you’ll have before he turns into your little man. Spend more of your time enjoying the party and less time stressing about every little detail. For more ideas on planning a “My Little Man” Birthday Party visit our Pinterest. Happy Planning!