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Marsala Wedding Color Ideas 2015

It’s the start of 2015 and we’re excited for what’s in store for this year. We’re thrilled to start off 2015 with a wedding blog and there’s no better start than with Pantone color of the year Marsala. It’s the perfect color to warm up a winter wedding palette or add the hint of color without it being shocking. We hope you’re in love with this color because we are, here are our ideas for Marsala Wedding Color 2015.
Marsala Wedding Color Ideas 2015 from HotRef.com

Invitation Ideas

Marsala is an amazingly rich color and can pair perfectly with hints of gold. For wedding invitations or save the date cards, we loved this this pairing of Marsala accented with gold. It’s such a wonderful idea since both colors compliment the other and create a lovely pairing.

Marsala Wedding Color Invitations Ideas

Wedding Dress Ideas

Marsala can be a beautiful color on the right bride, whether it’s an allover color or an accent color. For a less bold bride, try adorning your wedding dress with a Marsala ribbon or belt around the waist. This allows any bride to easily incorporate Marsala into her wedding without having to be dressed head to toe in marsala.

Marsala Wedding Color Brides Ideas

Wedding Accessories Ideas

We loved these Marsala colored shoes for a bride or bridesmaids. They’re another great way to incorporate a little Marsala color for a bride.

Marsala Wedding Color Accessories Ideas

Groom’s Attire Ideas

If you’re groom is just as daring, his wedding attire can be Marsala color as well. But if he’s more of a traditional man, he’ll enjoy some accessories colored in Marsala.

Marsala Wedding Color Groom Ideas

Bridesmaid Dresses Ideas

If the bride is a little timid about going head to toe Marsala, she can choose Marsala dresses for her bridesmaid. The little hint of color in the bridal party can be the perfect way to incorporate Marsala.

Marsala Wedding Color Bridesmaids Ideas

Floral Arrangements Ideas

Marsala may not be the color of choice for everyone, especially when it comes to attire. Flowers are a simple way to incorporate Marsala into a wedding. While the bridal party may not be thrilled to be wearing Marsala, your décor won’t be sad they’re coved in Marsala.

Marsala Wedding Color Flower Ideas

Table Settings Ideas

This table setup is one of our favorites for a Marsala wedding. This simple setup is such a great idea since Marsala can be a bold color. We liked the idea of accenting the tables with gold candles to add some pops of color.

Marasala Wedding Color Table Ideas

Centerpiece Ideas

Marsala flowers can be beautiful on their own, they just need some accent color to make them pop. This centerpiece idea works wonderfully since it has the right mix of accent colors and Marsala color. The centerpiece arrangements can also be used as bouquets for brides and bridesmaids.

Marsala Wedding Color Centerpiece Ideas

Menu Ideas

This idea is great for place cards and escort cards as well. Using a Marsala colored paper or card stock paper, print or write the font in gold ink. It’s the same idea as the invitations but you can change the font or the style to add a bit of difference.

Marasala Wedding Color Menu Ideas

Wedding Cake Ideas

Wedding details like cake and desserts can easily incorporate pops of the color Marsala and they can also be fully covered in colors like Marsala.

Marsala Wedding Color Cake Ideas

Dessert Ideas

Besides serving chicken Marsala at dinner, there are a few other edible ways to incorporate Marsala into your food. Red velvet can easily be tweaked into Marsala velvet to have that Marsala shade but not having to veer from the norm.

Marsala Wedding Color Dessert Ideas

Gold Glam Favors

For wedding favors, we suggest our gold glam favors. Gold is the perfect accent color for a Marsala colored wedding. Most guests will be expecting Marsala colored favors, surprise them by giving them gold colored favors. You can also use gold as an accent color for table settings, accessories, and other wedding details.

Marsala Wedding Color Ideas 2015 Gold Glam Favors HotRef
Don’t be afraid of adding a little Marsala into your wedding, even it’s just chicken marsala on the menu. For more wedding ideas and inspirations featuring Pantone Color of Year, visit our Pinterest. Happy New Year and Happy Planning!!