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Last Minute Holiday Wine and Cheese Party

Not all parties are usually planned months or weeks in advance, often times we only get days or maybe even hours to pull together a party. During the holidays, unexpected last minute parties are very common. With so little time how can one pull together an amazing party or get together? Easily we say with confidence. Here are some quick tips and ideas to pulling off a fabulous last minute wine and cheese party.
Last Minute Holiday Wine and Cheese Party Ideas from HotRef.com

Chalkboard Decorations

Chalkboard decorations are so trendy and popular for party decorations. They’re such a great time and money saver for a last minute party. Whether you write something on a small or large board, it’ll easily bring some fun decoration elements to the party.

Last Minute Holiday Wine and Cheese Party  Chalkbaord Decoration

Wine Cork Decorations

For avid wine lovers, wine corks are something everyone has a lot of. They make great and easy DIY projects for decorating at your wine and cheese party. Taking a large vase, fill it with wine cork, then place another smaller vase inside for candle. You can fill the vase as the night goes on with wine corks.

Last Minute Holiday Wine and Cheese Party Cork Decoration

Wine Bottle Decorations

Finding decorations for a last minute party can get quite expensive. Using empty wine bottles, create some amazing decorations for event. If you have the time, try painting the wine bottle with chalkboard paint to create a bottle menu idea. You can also purchase some flowers, or take some from the garden, and turn wine bottles into vases. Wine bottles can also be used as candle holders for the longer candles. DIY projects need time to set, if you have the time try and create your own decorations.

Last Minute Holiday Wine and Cheese Party Wine Bottle Ideas

Wine and Cheese Spreads

Depending on the layout of the party area, there are a few ways to create an amazing spread. You can place all the wine bottles in one area, along side some bottle stoppers and bottle openers. This will make it easy for guests to find what they need to enjoy a nice glass of wine. The cheese or food spread should be just as simple as the wine spread, you can label each block of cheese with a nice pairing of wine. If it’s a BYOB party, ask the giver what cheese they recommend pairing wine with.

Last Minute Holiday Wine and Cheese Party Wine Spread Ideas
Last Minute Holiday Wine and Cheese Party Cheese Spread Ideas

Cheese Ideas

A block or wheel of quality cheese can be very expensive, especially when you’re feeding a crowd. We liked the idea of serving cheesy foods, as an alternative to just cheese. A cheesy dip for bread or crackers is an delicious alternative to serving a block of cheese. Try a cheesy pull apart bread as a subsition for a cheese and cracker plate. For a sweet take on cheese, try wrapping brie cheese in puff pastry topped with brown sugar, walnuts and dried fruits. It’s simple and easy, and doesn’t require a lot of cooking time and prep time.

Last Minute Holiday Wine and Cheese Party Cheese  Ideas

Wine Ideas

Options are always great for parties, they give guests a few options to choose from. While a BOYB wine party is a great, often times not everyone is a fan of just wine. There are a few ways to spruce up wine into fabulous cocktails. Sangrias may seem complicated however, they’re super simple and can be whipped up in no time. It’s a merry pairing of wine, juice and fruit, to create a delicious drink. Mulled wine is another great option for a wine and cheese party in the winter, this one will take more time than the sangria. Both are great ways of offering alternatives to bottles of wine.

Last Minute Holiday Wine and Cheese Party  Wine Ideas

Wine Stopper Favors

With so many bottles of wine being sampled, wine stoppers are a great accessory to have handy. They can be used as favors or take home gifts for guests, but more importantly they can be used at the party once a bottle of wine has been opened. We suggest getting more than one bottle stopper, and to get them in various designs. This will help stop the confusion of which stopper belongs to which one. Customers love the angel and snowflake themed wine bottle stoppers, they’re perfect for a holiday party.

Wine Bottle Stopper Party Favors from HotRef.com

Wine Charm Favors

Wine charms or wine glass markers are a must for this type of party. As guests mingle and sample, they’re likely to place their wine glass down somewhere to free up their hands. Wine charms or wine markers help guests distinguish which wine glass belongs to them. Mix and match wine charms with wine markers for easy dinstinction. Since the sets won’t match there is a higher chance that guests will easily recognize their glass. Some wine charms favors we paired with this party consisted of wine themed charms.

Wine Charm Party Favors from HotRef.com
Throwing a last minute party is can be simple and easy with the right tips. For more ideas on throwing your own Wine and Cheese party, visit our Pinterest page. Don’t forget our Christmas Gifts for Employees: Wine Accessories blog, for wine lover gift ideas. Happy Planning!