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Lantern Decoration Ideas for Summer Wedding

For your summer wedding, there are lots of ways to incorporate lanterns! HotRef has lots of ideas for the decorative element that lanterns provide!

Summer Outdoor Wedding Lantern Decor Ideas from HottRef.com

Summer Wedding Location Decor

Let’s face it – in the heat of summer, all you want to do is get cool. Having your wedding next to a lake is certain to bring in a much needed fresh breeze! And it will look even better with lanterns on the aisle!

Lantern Lake Decor Ideas(Photo Credit: modwedding.com)


Another great place to lounge is by the pool! And with these floating lanterns, your wedding will look lovelier than ever.

Lantern Pool Decor Ideas(Photo Credit: michellegaribayevents.com)


For other places like the garden, beach, or yard, there’s all kinds of ways you can use lanterns for a great effect! Just check out some of the ways we’ve found to light up a wedding!

Lantern Wedding Decor Ideas for Summer Time from HotRef.com

(Photo Credits from top left to bottom right: paradisoweddings.tumblr.com, the twistband.com, bellethemagazine.com, babble.com, hotref.com)


Wedding Chair Decor

Lanterns and chairs go great together! Whether they’re side by side or the lanterns are hanging on the chair, this easy wedding decoration is also very classy for any kind of affair!

Lantern Chair Decor Ideas(Photo Credits from top left to bottom right: invitesweddings.com, modwedding.com, stylemepretty.com, blendingbeautiful.com)

Wedding Centerpiece

There ceremony is not the only place that’s brightened up by lanterns! Use them as a table centerpiece, surrounded by flowers, and you can make some ambient lighting tie in perfectly to your theme!

Lantern Decor Centerpiece(Photo Credit: deerpearlflowers.com)

Lantern Favors

If you’re looking for lantern favors to give out to your guests, HotRef has a great blog for you to browse! We also can’t resist showing off some of our favorites that you can get through us! For example, these white lanterns are great on the floor or on the table for everyone’s enjoyment!

White Lanterns from HotRef.com

HotRef also has lanterns in different colors! Whether you want something in blue, gold, black, or ivory, these lanterns will add the appropriate element to your wedding.

Lanterns from HotRef.com

And, if you’re looking for something delicate and unique, be sure to look at our paper lanterns! This lantern with doves has a lovely look to it.


This globe lantern comes in many different colors! Be sure to use it as an overhead lighting to illuminate your special event!

Globe Lantern from HotRef.com

Don’t forget to check out our Pintrest and re-pin our items! Make sure you make some lovely lantern plans for your next event!