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Hosting a BBQ: Party Tips & Ideas at a Garden, Park, or Beach

Warmer weather means it’s time for summer barbecues! July 4th is also coming up soon and is the perfect time for a barbecue! You can reference our previous blog for great ideas on barbecues!

BBQ Party Ideas from HotRef.com


Barbecue Main Dish

You don’t want to be chained to the grill while the rests of your guests are having fun. Pick a main dish that is easy to prep and serve! Hot dogs, burgers, and chicken are always crowd favorites!

BQQ-Meats-2(Photo Credit: realsimple.com)


Barbecue Sides

Something cool is always welcome as a side at a warm barbecue! Whether you have fresh fruit or a cool pasta salad, the barbecue just wouldn’t be complete without these mouthwatering sides!

BBQ-Fruits(Photo Credit: indulgy.com)


BBQ-Salad(Photo Credit: stylecraze.com)


Barbecue Drinks

Trying to include everyone’s favorite drink at a barbecue can get expensive fast! Make sure the guests have access to water and something cool and refreshing like a strawberry lemonade. Then, if the grown ups want to have more adult beverages, you can ask that everybody bring their own.

BBQ-Party-Drinks(Photo Credit: lalylita.com)


BBQ-Party-Drinks-2(Photo Credit: bridesofadelaide.com.au)


Barbecue Desserts

S’mores are great treats for barbecues! You can also make these great putting treats with either fresh fruit or chocolate for a delicious way to finish off the meal.

BBQ-Dessert(Photo Credit: myperfectline.com)


Barbecue Plates & Utensils

If your plates are of the lightweight paper kind, be sure to put a stone or a weight to keep them from flying away. Mason jars and small planters make great holders for forks, spoons, and knives.

BBQ-Forks(Photo Credit: rexandregina.com)


Barbecue Blanket

If your barbecue is taking place on the grass or sand, you’ll definitely want to consider a blanket station! Great for guests who forgot theirs or who need a little more space than they thought they would!

BBQ-Blanket-Station(Photo Credit: happywedd.com)


Barbecue Party Tools

HotRef has some great tools to make sure you have the perfect barbecue! This barbecue set, for example, has a great range of items for grilling!Barbecue Set from HotRef.com

Our apron kit is also great for amateur and professional barbecue masters alike! With a bottle opener, padded mitt, and towel, you’ll be ready for any grilling party!

Grill Master Apron Kit from HotRef.com



We also have mason jars that are great for drinking, putting utensils in, or even decorating with! You’ll find lots of uses for these great jars!

Mason Jars from HotRef.com

Happy planning! Check our Pinterest board to get more ideas.