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Holiday Thanksgiving Party Ideas

The sugary haze from Halloween has finally cleared and it’s the start of November. November signifies two important events for most people, Thanksgiving and black Friday. With Thanksgiving a little more than 3 weeks away, here are some ideas and inspiration to start planning your big turkey day.
When it comes to Thanksgiving you can count on traditions. Thanksgiving, especially, has long roots in America making it one of a few holidays that passes down traditions in family. It’s a time of giving thanks and getting together with loved ones. Thanksgiving decorations don’t have to be all about the turkey, you can decorate with what you want. A great idea would be to get a chalk board and have everyone write on the board one thing they are thankful for this year. It doesn’t have to be a chalk board either, you can have everyone write on paper and decorate those around the dinner table or use them as place cards for your guests.
When it comes to decorations on the table, you can keep things rustic, featured here is a log with holes cut out for tea light candles. If you’re looking for fall decorations to adorn your thanksgiving table, we carry a wide variety of fall favors. For instance, we carry leaf place card holders and leaf shaped candy dishes that can decorate your table. These favors aren’t just for weddings, they are designed for all events around the fall time. Even though Halloween is over, pumpkins are still a great decoration for fall time. You can decorate your table with little pumpkins to add that extra fall touch.
TURKEY! Oh, the food coma that comes after eating all that turkey. Yes, this feathered friend is a BIG tradition of thanksgiving. Besides being the main dish, you can also make the turkey some supporting dishes as well. Desserts are a fun way to incorporate a turkey, by decorating cupcakes and cookies to look like the turkey. You can also get creative with plating dishes to look like a turkey. We thought the fruit platter decorated to look like a turkey was a festive touch. After the food coma, everyone is going to need a pick me up for the long drive home. With pumpkins still being popular, you can try making a pumpkin frappe, or pumpkin spiced latte. It’ll give your guests the jolt of energy to make it home.
Desserts are my favorite during thanksgiving. Pumpkin pie, pecan pie, apple pie, these are just a few of the popular thanksgiving desserts that make their way into our bellies. For those of us who are watching our weight, you don’t have to skimp on pumpkin and apple. Pumpkin pie shaped cookies and apple decorated cookies are a great way to save on calories and not feel guilty. These cookies can even taste like the pie so you don’t feel like you’re missing out on the thanksgiving desserts.
After ALL that food, it’s time for a quick food coma and then it’s off to wait in those ridiculous Black Friday lines. For more ideas and inspirations on planning the big turkey day, browse through our Thanksgiving board on Pinterest. Happy planning!