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Holiday Party Theme Ideas

Sometimes celebrating the holidays with everyone that’s near and dear can be difficult. Often times there’s schedule conflicts, or maybe accommodating everyone in place isn’t feasible. With Thanksgiving as one of the first holidays for the cold months ahead, why not find a reason to gather all of our close friends? With Thanksgiving and Christmas as the major themes, here are some other Holiday Party Themes that are great excuses to gather everyone.
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Cocktail Holiday Party Theme Idea

For adults, a holiday cocktail party is a great themed party to host. Picking any cocktails will do, or you can have everyone “BYOB” (bring your own bottle). Our blog gives plenty of tips and ideas for hosting your own party.

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Potluck Holiday Party Theme Idea

The holiday season can be a tight budget for frivolous activities and “nonsense”. Make the dollar count by stretching it for everyone. Hosting a potluck party with recipes to exchange is a great idea for money savers. Everyone gets to create their favorite potluck dish and if they’re willing, share the recipe with everyone else. Hint: this is a great way to use up left over turkey or ham if you can’t finish all the left overs.

Potluck Holiday Party Theme Idea

Fondue Holiday Party Theme Idea

The colder months are upon us and everyone is looking for a way to warm without having to use their gas or electricity. Gather friends and family, start a low fire and begin the fondue. Yes, fondue. The heat from the fondue coupled with the heat from a crowd means warmth all over. You can also try the ethnic route and host a hot pot or shabu party. Both are also great ways to keep warm and enjoy everyone’s company.

Fondue Holiday Party Theme Idea

Wine and Cheese Holiday Party Theme Idea

Another adult themed party is a wine and cheese party. A great way to sample wines and nibble on some tasty finger foods. Our Holiday Wine and Cheese Party blog is a great place to get ideas and tips for throwing your own wine and cheese party. Guests can bring their favorite bottle or favorite cheese to the party.

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Hot Chocolate Bar Holiday Party Theme Idea

Here’s a great theme for everyone of all ages, a hot chocolate party. Create a fabulous spread of hot chocolate mixes, dips, toppings and whatever requests you may receive. While the months are cold, everyone needs a little warmth. Kids will enjoy concocting their own hot chocolate drinks, while adults might enjoy a spiked verision of the beverage. If chocolate is too sweet for some adults, try coffee instead.

Hot Chocolate Bar Holiday Party Theme Ideas

Christmas Cookie Recipe Exchange Holiday Party Theme Idea

Christmas cookies are a great way to enjoy and celebrate the Christmas season. Mix up the holiday party by hosting a Christmas cookie recipe exchange party. Everyone can bring their recipes and the cookies for sampling. You can pair this idea with the pot luck or any other holiday party theme to create a festive party.

Christmas Cookie Recipe Exchange

Ugly Sweater Holiday Party Theme Idea

This one is a cult classic, the Ugly Sweater party. Whether it’s an office party or just a friends get together, it’s a great for all ages. People can create their own “ugly” sweaters or look to Pinterest for “horrifying” ideas.

Ugly Sweater Party

Favorite Things Holiday Party Theme Idea

Take a page from the big O herself, and host a Favorite Things party. Create the guidelines when sending out the invitation and have everyone bring their favorite things. Decide on the order of how people should pick their gifts and switch it up for the following round. You can have a co-ed theme, or just a girls night.

Favorite Things Party

White Elephant/Secret Santa Holiday Party Theme Idea

Another great way to exchange gifts and create fun memories, is with a white elephant or secret Santa party. Create the guidelines and conditions for gifts before everyone gathers. You can pick the best ways to choose the order of who goes first to pick gifts and how many “steals” are allowed and so on.

White Elephant Secret Santa

New Years Eve Holiday Party Theme Idea

As one year ends, another year starts and hosting a New Years eve party is a great way to ring in the new year. For tips and ideas on hosting your own New Years Eve party, look to our blog. We give plenty of ideas on food, decor, favors and much more.

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Holiday parties are a great way to make memories, share laughs and spend time with loved ones. Whether you’re looking for a wild party or just a family friend event, all of our Holiday Party ideas are great excuses and themes to use. Happy Planning!