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Holiday Cocktail Party Ideas

Hosting a holiday party can seem overwhelming and slightly stressful, if everything is not planned out correctly. Pinterest, can be the ideal place to get inspirations and ideas. However, if you’re just repining everything without a clear direction or theme, you just created for more work for yourself. This year for the holidays, why not host a holiday cocktail party? It’s a fantastic way to get everyone together and enjoy some time with loved ones.
These holiday parties don’t necessarily have to be hosted on a certain holiday, but rather in between the holidays. For most people, deciding between which families to spend the holidays with is the most stressful decision. A suggestion would be picking a date in between the Big Two (Thanksgiving and Christmas). More guests might be able to attend your party, if it doesn’t conflict with other holiday events. These holiday parties are just a fun way to celebrate and a great excuse to get everyone together. A cocktail party might seem a little better suited for adult guests, since it can be a time to unwind and enjoy themselves. However, this is something the host should decide upon. If you are hosting adults and children, make sure you have some non-alcoholic options for those who cannot drink.
Once you’ve decided on the guest list, now it’s time to decide what foods to serve. H’or derves served on toothpicks, like the caprese salad skewer, or in a small cup, like the shrimp cocktail, are wonderful ideas if everyone is standing and mingling. However, for a sit down party you might want to choose tapas style food, or appetizers. The biggest factor in deciding on whether to host a stand and mingle or sit down party, is space. If you are hosting a sit down party, don’t forget to decorate the table. Centerpieces don’t have to be elaborate, keep it simple like using a square vase with a floating tea light candle. Also don’t forget your table manners, make sure you have place cards so everyone knows where to sit. Don’t go overboard with decorations, it might overwhelm your guests and take up too much space on the table.
As far as drinks, let your imagination run wild. Our Cocktail Party ideas board, is filled with a lot of cocktail ideas. To keep things simple, pick a few cocktails that sound delicious and only serve those cocktails. You can pre-make a few of cocktails in advance and as guests arrive they can mingle around the bar while you make more. If money isn’t an issue, you can hire a bartender to make drinks, so you’re not stuck at the bar all night. You can even ask if they have a specialty drink they make, or customize one for your party. Mocktails are a good choice for underage and even expectant guests, since they don’t contain alcohol in them. Mocktails are cocktails made from all non-alcoholic drinks.
Favor ideas for this holiday party are endless. We chose two of our top picks for this party. First is the Vineyard Select Enamel and Chrome Bottle Stopper. It’s an adorable stopper adorned with grapes on the top. It’s a great way to save opened bottles of alcohol if you have lost track of caps for your bottles. Another great favor is the Bordeaux Vineyards Stainless-Steel Corkscrew. The corkscrew top is adorable and your guests will remember their fun time at your cocktail party. Some top contenders for favor ideas, not featured in our photo collage, is keepsake shot glasses, wine charms, and Wine Accessories.
For more ideas on hosting holiday parties read our blog on Holiday Wine and Cheese Party ideas. We hope our blogs can ease some of the stress that goes into party planning. Happy planning!