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Football Birthday Party Decoration Ideas

Birthday parties can a little bit of challenge to plan and decorate especially when it’s a kid’s birthday. While their focus is more on friends and snacks, your focus might be towards how to decorate and plan for the party. Whether you’re getting ideas for a first birthday, a baby shower, or even just a football get together, here are some decoration tips and ideas to make your football party a touchdown!
Football Birthday Party Decoration Ideas from HotRef.com

Outdoor Decorations

Opting for a “green” carpet instead of red, transform the green carpet into a football field setup. Make party guests feel welcomed and invited with this outdoor decoration setup.

Football Birthday Outside Decoration

Football Jersey

The birthday celebrator and guests can sport their favorite team’s jersey to show solidarity. Pick a few extra blank jerseys for kids who don’t have a jerseys to wear.

Football Birthday Jersery

Food Table

Create an inviting food table inspired by football details. Using a huge chalk board create a play using X’s and O’s; this will let guests know where to find water, food and other edible treats. Using black and white stripes to mimic the stripes on the referee’s shirt to decorate this table, you can separate the food table from the snacks table too.

Football Birthday Food Table Decoration

Concession Stand

At football games, there plenty of concession stands set up with snacks for attendees. Create this make shift concession stand by setting up sports drinks, chips, peanuts, and any snacks for the party.

Football Birthday Concession Stand Decoration

Snack Table Decoration

Here’s another inspiration for snack table decoration, you can combine both snack table ideas and create the ultimate snack stand concession.

Football Birthday Snack Decoration

DIY Football Chain

This easy DIY decoration idea will elevate your party from just another football party to THE football party. Simply using brown construction paper, mark the width you’d like the chains to be, and easily create the football laces with a white marker. A simple and easy DIY idea for anyone to create.

Football Birthday DIY Deco

Team Support Decoration

Another simple decoration idea that anyone can easily create. Taking a chalk board or a paper banner, write “Go Team” or pick your favorite team to root for. These can be large or small decorations but they’ll help add color and festive pizzazz to your party.

Football Birthday Chalkboard Decoration

Table Decoration

This simple idea will wow guests, not just with the look but the easiness of this decoration. Using a table cloth or plastic table cover, create this football field look with white masking tape or white ribbon decorations. It’s a fool proof decoration to elevate the decorations for the party.

Football Birthday Table Decoration

Drink Decorations

This decoration idea works for all types of drinking cups. Take white masking tape and create the laces of the football on the cup. This can also be done on brown construction paper and then adhered to the drinking cup, for a true football look.

Football Birthday Drink Cup Decoration

Snacks Decorations

A few different wants to spruce up snacks is to decorate the way they’re presented. For popcorn, peanuts, and chips, take a brown bag and create the laces for a football presentation. Small trophies are a great way to display popcorn or peanuts, everyone is a winner here. For snacks that need toothpick utensils, create mini pennant flags and foam finger decorations.

Football Birthday Snack Decorations Ideas from HotRef.com

Football Photo Decorations

This Football Themed Sports Frames is a great favor as well as photo decoration. The photo frame is also great for displaying proud football moments or football team photos or any other football accomplishments that should be displayed.

Kids of all ages will just adore this party idea especially those who are football enthusiasts. You can see more birthday party ideas for boys and girls of all ages at our Pinterest. Happy Planning!!