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DIY: 10 Fall Candle Ideas for Your Fall Wedding

Thanks to the recent popularity of websites like Pinterest and Vine, DIY projects have become a very popular trend. It’s so popular in fact, that Pinterest even has a DIY category to make the search easier. We thought we’d give some inspiration to those crafty and savvy do it yourself, by creating some DIY fall candle ideas for your wedding.
DIY Fall Wedding Candle Ideas from HotRef.com
If you’re a follower of our Facebook page, you’ll notice we posted a photo set of the DIY Mason jar lantern. It’s simple and quite easy: start by gluing the leaves to the inside of the Mason jar and letting the leaves dry overnight. After the glue on the leaves have dried, you can decorate the outside of the jar and place the candle inside. When the Mason jar lantern is lit, it will create the perfect ambience.
For those who like to get their hands dirty, try making a squash/pumpkin candle holder. The size of the candle will determine how big or small your squash will be. Pumpkin carving tools can help you hollow out the middle of the squash. However, if you don’t have pumpkin carving tools, you can use a knife and spoon or your hands to hollow out the middle.
If you like a simpler approach to DIY, try decorating the candle itself. You can glue a leaf or two to the outside of the candle before placing it in the holder. Next place pebbles on the bottom of the candleholder and then place the candle on top. You select different height candles and candle holders to create a more dramatic effect.
Candles come in all different sizes. If you’re using a larger candle, try decorating the outside of the candle with corn. We recommend gluing the cob to the candle, if your string isn’t sturdy enough and using fake corn, so your corn on the cob doesn’t end up turning into popcorn.
Not all of us have been bit by the DIY bug. For those who want something very easy and simple, try painting or stamping decorations onto the candle. A leaf or two can add a hint of fall to your candle. If you’re using a dark colored candle, try light colors of paint. If it’s a light colored candle use darker colored paint, so your embellishments can standout against the candle.
Fall time can also mean the scent of cinnamon. If you’ve got some cinnamon sticks and a candle lying around try this project. Start by gluing the outside of the candle with cinnamon sticks, let that dry and then tying a string around cinnamon sticks for a more polished look. The heat of the flame will help intensify the smell of the cinnamon stick, creating a warm and inviting smell for your guests.
If you’re going for an outdoor detail to your candle, try using a try log or stump. This one is a little more involved, the size of the stump or log will depend on the size of the candle. Next to hollow out the middle of the stump you might need wood carving tools. If you’re lucky you might be able to find a hollow stump or log. For safety concerns, we recommend placing the candle inside a container before placing it into the stump or log.
For the re-user in all of us, you can decorate the outside of the candle holder without making permanent changes. Start by measuring out the length of ribbon you’ll need to tie around the candle, next glue a leaf or leaves to the ribbon, and viola you have a decorated candle holder that you can easily change up.
This candle project you can even have kids help you. Paint a strip of the candle with glue and then roll it in lentil seeds, popcorn kernels, or red beans. If you’re in a Halloween mood you can even use candy corn.
Lastly, if you’re not into the color orange, you can always try using an apple. Fall is the peak of apple season. We recommend using tea candles for this project, but if you have access to bigger sized apples, you can always use the larger candles. Pumpkin carving tools can help you hollow out the middle of the apple, and the flame from the candle will help enhance the scent of the apple.
If you’re looking for more fall wedding ideas, we have a few blogs posted up to give you some inspiration. For even more fall wedding inspiration, take a gander over to our website for fall wedding favors.