Cute As A Button Baby Shower Ideas

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A big trend recently, with expectant moms to be, is not finding out the gender of the baby till the day of birth. But how do you plan a baby shower when you don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl? Gender neutral themes are usually hard to think of, and if you do think of one it seems like everyone has already done it. Cute As A Button is not only a fabulous gender neutral theme, but is also great as a first birthday theme. For anyone planning a last minute baby shower, here’s our take on planning a “Cute as a Button” themed baby shower.
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Cute as a button, is an easy and effortless theme. When selecting invitations, if you can’t find ones you like that have a button theme, why not add on the button. You can easily glue on a cute button to the invitations to make the theme prominent. Planning out decorations for a baby shower should also be easy as well. Since buttons are commonly found and inexpensive for purchase, decorations should include lots of buttons. Try selecting buttons of all kinds; different shapes, different colors, different sizes, this will add more of a festive touch to the decorations. If you have left over buttons from the decorations, why not decorate silverware or dining ware with buttons as well. On plastic spoons, you can glue on buttons, to have your silverware match your theme. Sometimes it might be harder to find what you are looking for, so why not make it yourself. If you are serving a cake, decorate your cake with either edible buttons or decorations buttons. Edible buttons will definitely impress your guests. As favors, or possibly an alternative to cake, cake pops decorated with edible buttons are adorable as well. Make your favors just as memorable as your theme. When selecting favors, we liked the “Cute as a Button” Round Photo Frame / Placecard Frame and the Cute as a Button Scented Soap. The picture frame is ideal, if you’re planning a photo booth or photographer. Both of these favors are adorably cute, and will impress your guests with their design and decorations.
For more ideas and inspirations on “Cute as a Button” themed baby shower, visit our Pinterest board. On our website, we have so many more Cute as a Button favors.
Image credits: Button Decoration, Button Cake, Spoon with Button Decoration, Cake Pop with Button Decoration, Button Invitation.
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