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Christmas Wedding Ideas

Christmas is the time when family and friends gather together to celebrate and be with loved ones. A wedding is a coming together of two families to be one. Put these two together and you have the ultimate reason to have a Christmas Wedding. There are probably a few other reasons to have a Christmas Wedding but nonetheless planning any wedding is stressful enough.
Sometimes planning a wedding with a holiday theme eases a little of the stress. Certain holidays have colors associated with them, making it easier to choose colors for your wedding. For a Christmas wedding, may we suggest white, green and red as colors? It does seem a little tacky to use all three colors but if done right your wedding will stand out against the Christmas theme.
For starters, let’s discuss the color coordination of the bridal party. The bride wears white but everyone else in the bridal party can wear either shades of green or red. The bridesmaids can wear green dresses while the groomsmen wear red and green plaid ties, make sure colors coordinate and don’t clash with each other. For an extra festive Christmas detail, the bride can wear red heels instead of the traditional white. The groom can wear a white tuxedo with little details of green or red that stand out. For the actual wedding reception, the same colors scheme can be used there as well.
As far as the décor for the wedding and reception, maybe a white background with red or green details. The red and green colored details will stand out amongst the white background. On our website, we carry Christmas party decorations for your Christmas wedding that also make great favors as well. As far as flower choices, a top contender is red roses they will add a touch of class to your wedding, while tying in with the Christmas theme. On the reception tables, pops of the color red with green make the tables stand out. Searching for ideas on Christmas Wedding Centerpieces? Read our blog for easy and simple ideas on centerpieces.
Festive details can be used on the food as well. A white cake with red roses is great for any wedding, but to make it a Christmas wedding by adding holly here and there for a pop of green. In the picture, the cake’s top layer is a festive box with a bow on top. A great Christmas detail that literally takes the cake. Hosting a cocktail hour before the reception? Using cranberries with sprigs of mint makes your drink look like they’re decorated with holly. Limit the drink selections to red or green colored drinks, so the Christmas theme matches everything else. Chocolate covered strawberries are great for anytime during the reception, they can even decorate the wedding cake. Dip the strawberries in chocolate or white chocolate and decorate with green or red icing. These sumptuous snacks will have your guests thinking you went the extra effort to make your wedding special.
A wedding isn’t complete without favors. On our website, we have so many Christmas favors to choose from that will match your Christmas wedding. A top choice we liked was the Design Your Own Collection Candle Favors – Holiday Themed. It’s a great way to personalize a favor for your wedding, while sticking to the Christmas theme. A Christmas ornament can also be a great favor for your wedding. Our huge selection of Christmas ornament can also be personalized to your liking.
We hope the start of the holiday season has been good to you all. Hopefully, we can ease some of the stress that comes with planning events during this Holiday season. Our Pinterest board on Winter Weddings ideas is filled with ideas for your Christmas wedding or winter wedding. Happy planning!