Eiffel Tower Themed Wedding Ideas

We’re back for another edition of Wedding Wednesdays! This week’s theme is Eiffel Towers! Nothing is more romantic than saying “yes” or “I do” with the Eiffel Tower in the background under the clear blue skies. Although some couples many not get the chance to do such thing,why not bring the Eiffel Tower to you! […]

New Wedding Favor Trends for 2015

2015 is already beginning to wrap up March, so we’re taking a look at what trends are popular for favors so far this year. HotRef.com has the inside scoop on these trends and you’ll want to look at all of them!   Botanical Wedding Favors First up, botanical wedding favors are beginning to come in bloom. With […]

9 Most Popular Wedding Theme Ideas

A specific theme makes your wedding more personal, more unified and more formal look. With the evolution of fashion trend, an increasing number of new wedding themes emerged one after another. So how can you pick out the most appropriate wedding theme among numerous dazzling new themes? Above all, you should think about which type […]

Parisian Themed Wedding Ideas with Eiffel Tower Design

Paris is the city of love, known world wide by couples as a city of romance. The Eiffel Tower is the one of the most popular places for proposals in the world. Equipped with romantic proposal packages, it’s no wonder that “yes” is uttered more in every language than any other word. Many couples who […]

4 Popular Wedding Theme Favors

Every year bridal magazines and bridal websites make their big prediction on what are going to popular wedding themes for 2014. To go along with the top themes, here are some of our top selling favors to match your wedding theme for 2014. For more ideas on popular wedding themes for 2014, you can always […]