Indian Wedding Inspirations

Planning a Indian Wedding? Listen, Indian weddings are known to be divided into three parts, the pre-wedding, the main wedding and post wedding. Each stage requires a lot of planning, this is why HotRef wants to help you make your day or love ones day easy and fun with these new Indian Wedding Inspirations. Indian […]

Western and Asian Wedding Ideas

America is known as the country of many difference races and ethnicity. For some, they are born and raised in American with strong traditional up bringing while others, have grown accustomed to American traditions. Marriage is a union of two people who might have a two different backgrounds and traditions, but like marriage, these two […]

4 Popular Wedding Theme Favors

Every year bridal magazines and bridal websites make their big prediction on what are going to popular wedding themes for 2014. To go along with the top themes, here are some of our top selling favors to match your wedding theme for 2014. For more ideas on popular wedding themes for 2014, you can always […]