DIY Blank Party Favors

We are always updating our website with new products from some of our popular vendors. We recently received a new collection of DIY Blank Party Favors that are fabulous for personalizing and making them your own. Everyone wants to customize their own party favors, but no one wants to pay the big bucks that comes […]

DIY Mason Jar Ideas for Bridal Shower

Do it yourself projects have become the trendy and popular theme for parties, favors, presents, you name it people will have a do-it-yourself tutorial. There are many different reasons why people choose to use DIY projects instead of purchasing items. Sometimes finding the right favors that fits everyone’s personality can be difficult. Especially when you […]

DIY: 10 Fall Candle Ideas for Your Fall Wedding

Thanks to the recent popularity of websites like Pinterest and Vine, DIY projects have become a very popular trend. It’s so popular in fact, that Pinterest even has a DIY category to make the search easier. We thought we’d give some inspiration to those crafty and savvy do it yourself, by creating some DIY fall […]