New Fall Wedding and Party Favors from KateAspen

It’s Wednesday, and you know what that means: it’s Wedding Wednesday! This week, we’ll be featuring our new Fall wedding and party favors collection from Kate Aspen! This collection features fall motifs like falling autumn leaves, acorns, pumpkins, and so much more! These rustic fall wedding favors and decorations can also be used as party favors for a fall […]

2015 Thanksgiving Holiday Sale

With Thanksgiving is just two days away, we think you must get everything ready to celebrate the big holiday when family get together to have a meal. If you are planning holiday, here is a batch of Holiday Party Favors at HotRef. They will be sure to spice up warm holiday atmosphere to you. From November 24th, […]

Thanksgiving Turkey Craft Ideas for Kids

Last week, we had discussed creative ideas about how to adorn Thanksgiving party and what traditional food to eat on that day. Today we are glad to meet all of you here again at our blog site. As we known, turkey is a traditional food we must have on Thanksgiving Day. Let’s communicate more innovative ideas with each […]

Thanksgiving Party Ideas for 2015

November is an important month but also holiday month to celebrate Thanksgiving and black Friday. Thanksgiving is a big festival and is the right time to be thankful to those who help you and be kind of you. With Thanksgiving almost three weeks away, it’s time to plan a Thanksgiving party and a big dinner […]

Thanksgiving Celebration Inspirations

Thanksgiving is the time of year families get together to share food and most of all love. This Holiday season is giving you Thanksgiving Celebration Inspirations to help you plan your family holiday. Add personalize favors from HotRef to make this Thanksgiving more memorable. Thanksgiving Decorations Starter Kit The Thanksgiving Decorations Starter Kit is […]

Super Week Holiday Sale!

Holiday season is approaching quickly, Thanksgiving, Christmas and many special occasions are awaiting. Meaning someone is planning, is that you? Whether it is you or a love one, I’m sure discounts are always helpful. At HotRef we’re glad to welcome our super week sale. It is a holiday season for everybody to celebrate.  Experience laughter […]

Thanksgiving Party Ideas

Thanksgiving is more than just a holiday, it’s a time for friends and family to come together and enjoy food, laughs and memories. Thanksgiving can be a production that takes days to plans and weeks to prepare. While we can’t create the perfect Thanksgiving, we can inspire you with tips and ideas to creating a […]

10 Easy DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to be with family, enjoy the company of those near and dear, and to devour delectable foods. Thanksgiving can seem like a major holiday event because of all the planning that goes into it. We understand that having everything perfect for the big Thanksgiving feast can be overwhelming. To ease […]

Introduce 9 Pumpkin Food Ideas for Thanksgiving

With pumpkins being a fall seasonal produce, we wanted to give our readers a wide range of ideas to feature pumpkins. From Halloween party pumpkin ideas to this blog, which features pumpkin food ideas for Thanksgiving. Trying to utilize all of the pumpkin in creative ways can be hard but with a little inspiration, none […]

10 Inspirations for Fall Decorating

Happy Autumn Equinox everyone! It’s the first day of fall and we’re are in love with everything about Fall. From the smell of the crisp air to the leaves changing color, we’re definitely excited about autumn. We love getting into the spirit of the fall season and to celebrate the start of fall, we wanted […]

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