Little Prince Baby Shower or Birthday Theme

If you’re having a baby shower or birthday for a baby boy, the little prince theme will be loved by all. HotRef has some great ideas on making this birthday stand out for your special son. Little Prince Baby Shower Invitations  Put royal flair on your invitations by including a crown on the front and […]

Princess Birthday Party Ideas

The princess birthday theme is an ever-popular one for girls! This is the birthday for those who love dress-up, like playing make believe, and who love the color pink. We at HotRef have an abundance of princess themed items, so let us show you how to make this a day fit for royalty.   Princess […]

Cinderella Birthday Party Ideas

The Cinderella movie has just come out in theaters and we at HotRef thought it would be a great idea to celebrate! The fairy tale movie revolves around a glass slipper and a glorious blue dress, so this is a magic birthday party for girls who like blue!   Invitations This invitation is fit for […]

Cinderella Birthday Party Ideas

Little girls are born princesses, their world is filled with princess tales, princess toys, and even princess clothing. From Disney princesses to Fairytale princesses, she will pick her favorite story book princess and that princess will grow with her. Whether it’s her 1st birthday or her 16th, a Cinderella Birthday Party is a very fitting […]

Woodland Birthday Party Ideas

First birthdays are always the most meaningful, it’s the first birthday of their little baby lives. For a fall themed kid’s birthday party, look no farther than to the Woodlands. Creatures of all kinds live in the forest; foxes, bears, owls, raccoon, not to mention all the wild plant life that surrounds the trunks of […]

Mermaid Under The Sea Birthday Party

First birthdays are always the most exciting birthday parties to plan for parents. For their baby girl’s first birthday party, you want a theme that’s appropriate for her age, but also fun for your guests. A birthday theme that is fitting for a girl’s first birthday is Mermaid Under the Sea. This whimsical party theme […]

My Little Man Birthday Party Ideas

Question: How hard is to plan a birthday party? Answer: HARD! Question: How hard is to find a birthday theme for a boy? Answer: HARD! Question: Who has the answer to an easy birthday theme for a boy? Answer: HotRef! We know that finding a birthday theme for a boy can be difficult. Especially when […]