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About to Hatch Baby Shower Ideas

Finding the right baby shower theme is one the hardest decisions. There are so many themes to consider, but finding a theme that will fit for a boy or girl baby shower is quite challenging. At HotRef, we offer a variety of baby shower themed favors for mothers to choose from. Our About to Hatch baby shower favors are adorable and cute, and it’s also the perfect baby shower theme.
About To Hatch Baby Shower Ideas HotRef.com


Pick an invitation that works well with the theme. This theme offers a variety of decorations to choose from, moms can pick baby chicks or eggs, to indicate a hatching baby.

About to Hatch Invitation




Banners add a focal point to the party while also providing decorations. It’s a great way to celebrate the mommy to be and announce a baby name if one has been selected already.

About to Hatch Baby Shower Banner


Decorations with Yellow
Yellow is a fabulous neutral color to use, it’s also a fitting color for this theme. In addition to traditional baby shower decorations, be sure to use lots of yellow chicks and yellow eggs. This will make picking decorations easier because it offers a variety to choose from.

About to Hatch Decoration


About to Hatch Cake

There are so many cute ways to decorate this cake for the baby shower. For the cutest cake, include hatching chicks, baby chicks and cracked egg shells. Be sure to include a mommy chick so mommy to be won’t feel left out.

About to Hatch Baby Shower Cake

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Cupcakes and Cakepops
We think cupcakes and cake pops are fantastic, they’re diet friendly, budget friendly and they’re just too dang cute for this baby shower. Decorate both mini desserts with lots of yellow, you can also decorate the cake pops to resemble baby chicks or eggs.





About to Hatch Favors

Our adorable About to Hatch favors are just too sweet for this baby shower. In a variety of designs, these themed favors are wonderful gifts for your guests. We offer About to Hatch salt and pepper shakers that are perfectly paired for each other and this theme. The baby egg whisk is perfect for making scrambled eggs or delightful desserts. The baby egg timer is ideal for making perfect baked desserts or baking the perfect meal. The baby egg soap comes in the most darling design, featuring an egg shaped soap a top of its nest. The best feature about our favors is that they can also be used as decorations to help create the perfect party.

Such cute About to Hatch salt and pepper shakers is perfect giveaway gift for your baby shower

About to hatch egg whisks feature a chick in a cracked egg for an enjoyable baking experience:

Choose from three different colors and packaging to match with your theme colors:

Finally, nest egg scented soaps bars make the perfect favors for your baby shower guests:
Nest Egg Soap From HotRef.com Nest Egg Soap from HotRef.com
Baby showers are a fun occasion for mommy to be and party guests. Whether you’re looking for a neutral theme or a gender specific theme, HotRef offers ideas and favors to creating the ideal soiree. Please feel free to re-pin any of our ideas from our About to Hatch Pinterst board. Don’t forget to shop HotRef.com for all of our Baby Shower favors including our About to Hatch baby shower favors. Happy Planning!!