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50th Wedding Anniversary Decoration Ideas

Reaching a milestone 50th wedding anniversary, is joyous occasion for everyone. Celebrating the loving couple, that has stood by each other through the test of time, with a fabulous party and loving family and close friends. To make this anniversary party a memorable event, it has to top their first wedding reception. Make their 50th Wedding Anniversary a fabulous party with some of these decoration ideas that highlight the wedding couple.
50th Wedding Anniversary Decoration Ideas from HotRef.com

Floating Photos

This inexpensive idea is great to get everyone involved with decorating for the party. Choose photos that celebrate the couple over the years, combine these photos with helium balloons to easily create floating photos. Simply create a hole on the top of the photo, attach these photos to a string that’s also attached to the balloon.

Floating Photo Decoration Ideas

50 Photo Collage

Another fun way to feature the Mr. & Mrs. is creating a photo collage that resembles 50. This easy and inexpensive idea makes a great focal point for the party room. There are a few ways to create this photo collage, but be sure to have enough photos before assembling. For a fun twist, print photos in black and white or sepia for an old vintage touch.

50 Photo Collage Decoration Idea

Message Photo Cards

Instead of using a guest book for guests to sign in with, print photo cards and have guests write messages on these cards. Create a hanging display using string and paperclips, then clip the photos onto the hanging display. Guests can choose the photo they sign or write a message one.

Photo Message Cards Decoration Ideas

Photo Bouquet Centerpiece

Centerpieces generally feature flowers or floral arrangement of some kind. Instead use photos in lieu of flowers and create a photo bouquet. Using several photos, attach them to sticks or skewers at different heights to give the bouquet more height and dimension. Try using photos from their wedding day as the display photos, it’ll be a great comparison between then and now.

Photo Centerpiece Decoration Ideas

Hanging Message Tree

At the entrance of the party, create a guest sign in are with a hanging message tree. Combining tree branches and flowers, place them into a vase to create a beautiful display. Hang photos, candles, and some flowers to add decoration to the tree branches. Pre-make the message tags so guests aren’t spending a great deal of time at the entrance causing chaos.

Tree with Images Decoration Ideas

50 Fun Facts

This fun decoration idea takes a lot of creativity and thought, but the end results are festive. Using the numbers 1 to 50, relate that particular number to a fun fact about the couple. Some examples would be like if their wedding date falls on number 12, or they have 2 kids for the number 2. There are many other ways to include fun facts, it’s all about the creativity that goes into these 50 things.

50 Fun Facts Decoration Ideas

Puzzle Guest Book

Create a festive alternative to a guest book by having guests sign puzzle pieces. After the party, assemble the puzzle together to make a memorable guest book. Another version that can be less work is, choose an image to make into a puzzle and then have guests sign the back of the puzzle pieces. This will make assembling the puzzle easier later on.

Puzzle Guest Book Decoration Ideas

Utensils Decorations

This simple idea will the party a memorable one, since it’s the least expected. Print wallet sized images of the couple and attach them to a string to wrap around the utensil sets. For an outdoor party, this is a nifty idea to have utensils ready while celebrating the couple.

Utensils Decoration Ideas

Photo Candle Decorations

Taking black and white photos of the couple, pick pictures from over the years, then place them into a jar or some kind of see through container. Then place an LED candle into the container to illuminate the photo. An alternative would be to adhere the photo to the outside of container and use a real candle.

Candle Decoration Ideas

Gold Photobooth Background

Craft a beautiful photobooth background or wall decoration with fabric and ornaments. Using gold mesh or tulle fabric as the back ground, tie ornaments with a clear fish string and hang that in front of the tulle. Tie the ornaments at different lengths on the fish string, this will spread out the ornaments and add some variety to the tulle. It’s a great and inexpensive DIY project that everyone can help make.

Photobooth Back Drop Ideas
You can find all of these fabulous 50th Wedding Anniversary decoration ideas at our Pinterest page. These ideas are also wonderful for a 50th birthday or 50th reunion. To make your anniversary party a memorable one, don’t forget to check out our 50th Wedding Anniversary favors. Happy Planning!!