Thanksgiving Celebration Inspirations

Thanksgiving is the time of year families get together to share food and most of all love. This Holiday season is giving you Thanksgiving Celebration Inspirations to help you plan your family holiday. Add personalize favors from HotRef to make this Thanksgiving more memorable. Thanksgiving Decorations Starter Kit The Thanksgiving Decorations Starter Kit is […]

Super Week Holiday Sale!

Holiday season is approaching quickly, Thanksgiving, Christmas and many special occasions are awaiting. Meaning someone is planning, is that you? Whether it is you or a love one, I’m sure discounts are always helpful. At HotRef we’re glad to welcome our super week sale. It is a holiday season for everybody to celebrate.  Experience laughter […]

Holiday Gift Guide: Find the Perfect Gifts for Every Budget

It’s end of October, which means holiday is on the way, for example, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year. Are you ready for any gifts? Are you lost in all kinds of promotional gift sales? Please calm down and think what the best gift for your love is. Here at we will give you […]

Halloween Party Food Ideas

Halloween is next weekend so come and explore party food ideas with We are excited because Halloween is  a great day to share laughs and spooky stories over tasty party foods. With spooky treats and main dish ideas you can have a fun time with family and friends. On Halloween you can dress up […]

Jungle Theme Baby Shower Ideas

Think outside the box and explore the wild side as you throw a Jungle Theme Baby Shower. Whether your thinking safari or jungle atmosphere here are some great ideas to make planning a breath of fresh air. We have  a variety of product ideas at HotRef  for baby shower and even birthday party celebrations. Jungle […]

Halloween Ideas

Halloween is here and kids are choosing their costumes.  Whether handing out treats or throwing a party here are some awesome ideas to help you put a smile on the face of the people you will greet. From Halloween jars to personalize candy wrappers, candy totes, pumpkin place cardholders and more.  HotRef has you covered […]

Heart Shape Wedding Favor Inspirations

Hearts are symbols of love and so are weddings. If your looking for wedding favors, please view our Heart Shaped Wedding Favors. They will bring meaningful appreciation to your guest as they use them in the scenery of  their homes. spreads the love, with ideas to encourage you with many Heart Shaped Wedding favor […]

Indian Wedding Inspirations

Planning a Indian Wedding? Listen, Indian weddings are known to be divided into three parts, the pre-wedding, the main wedding and post wedding. Each stage requires a lot of planning, this is why HotRef wants to help you make your day or love ones day easy and fun with these new Indian Wedding Inspirations. Indian […]

Onesie Themed Baby Shower Ideas For A Baby Girl

What can be better way to celebrate than onesie themed baby shower for a baby girl? Now you may be in the absence of onesie baby shower ideas. We believe you are sure to get more inspiration on decorating a lovely baby shower for your baby girl after reading our blog and see our popular products strongly […]

The Hunt Is Over Engagement Ideas

The Hunt Is Over Engagement Ideas is here! View tons of favors and decor ideas to add to your The Hunt Is Over Engagement or Wedding theme. The antler is the main theme symbol which is found in all dear families. This symbol is tied to the hunt of finding a soul mate.  Here at […]

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