DIY Blank Party Favors

We are always updating our website with new products from some of our popular vendors. We recently received a new collection of DIY Blank Party Favors that are fabulous for personalizing and making them your own. Everyone wants to customize their own party favors, but no one wants to pay the big bucks that comes […]

Mother’s Day 2014 Ideas

Tired of getting Mom the same old department store gift, you know the same one you’ve been getting her since kindergarten? For Mother’s Day 2014 why not surprise mom by switching up the gift and get her something different. Mom might like the same department store gift but maybe she’ll love the new surprise you […]

Mermaid Under The Sea Birthday Party

First birthdays are always the most exciting birthday parties to plan for parents. For their baby girl’s first birthday party, you want a theme that’s appropriate for her age, but also fun for your guests. A birthday theme that is fitting for a girl’s first birthday is Mermaid Under the Sea. This whimsical party theme […]

Graduation Party Ideas of 2014

It’s been a long road, one that’s been full of struggles and challenges, but they finally did it. They’re going to walk the stage and accept their diploma. Graduation is a huge moment in any student’s life, and why not celebrate the hard work and dedication with a Graduation Party. Graduation Card Box One popular […]

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Have you heard the great news? We’re offering a Mother’s Day promotion for all our customers, a 5% discount off EVERYTHING in our website. For many of our readers who enjoy shopping and love discounts, we hope that this 5% discount makes your Mother’s Day a little more special. We know that some of our […]

Mother’s Day and Graduation Promotion

To celebrate Mother’s Day and help with some of the Graduation Party Prep work, we’re offering a 5% discount off our entire site! There’s no minimum purchased required, just enter your coupon code at check out! This offer is valid till 04/30/2014. Don’t wait this good thing doesn’t last forever. 0GXY28 Just enter in coupon […]

What is the meaning of Easter?

Easter is one of the oldest Christian Holiday it is traditionally celebrated as the Resurrection of Christ. Now in the 21st century, we associate Easter with festive eggs, rabbits and baskets. We understand that people celebrated holidays differently, but the true meaning of a holiday might get lost through celebrations. With Easter just days away, […]

Easter Centerpiece Ideas

Easter can be celebrated in many different ways by different people. For some it’s a religious celebration, for others it might be a time for celebrating with family, friends and loved ones. With Easter just several days away, we wanted to share some of our ideas for your Easter table. Planning an Easter meal can […]

Parisian Themed Wedding Ideas with Eiffel Tower Design

Paris is the city of love, known world wide by couples as a city of romance. The Eiffel Tower is the one of the most popular places for proposals in the world. Equipped with romantic proposal packages, it’s no wonder that “yes” is uttered more in every language than any other word. Many couples who […]

DIY Mason Jar Ideas for Bridal Shower

Do it yourself projects have become the trendy and popular theme for parties, favors, presents, you name it people will have a do-it-yourself tutorial. There are many different reasons why people choose to use DIY projects instead of purchasing items. Sometimes finding the right favors that fits everyone’s personality can be difficult. Especially when you […]