Holiday Wine and Cheese Party Ideas

The holiday is a time when we get together and celebrate with family and friends. For a simple and easy holiday party idea why not host a Wine and Cheese party. It’s a great way to celebrate with loved ones and not feel overwhelmed by keeping the theme casual. Some simple tips before the party […]

Baby shower favors – baby banks

  Have you read our blogs on baby shower ideas for a girl and/or baby shower ideas for a boy? If you haven’t… PAUSE… Go head click on the links. They will guide through ideas on planning a baby shower if you’re not sure where to start. If you already have ideas planned then let […]

Introducing Our Best Sale Corporate Gifts for Business Events

  The Holidays are right around the corner and now is the prime time to start that holiday shopping. For many big companies and business, it’s time to start shopping for corporate gifts. We carry more than just favors for weddings and parties, we also carry corporate or business gifts as well. If you’re starting […]

Winter Wedding Ideas

Winter is the season that usually gets over looked for weddings. Brides are likely to pick wedding dates in the spring and summer and least in fall and winter. We know every bride is always looking for ideas or inspirations for their wedding. If you’re a future bride trying to decide when to pick your […]

Rustic Wedding Ideas

Rustic weddings don’t have to be in the fall season, you can have a rustic wedding any season. A rustic wedding is more about the use of details and decorations to create a rustic ambience. It’s also a great reason to be outside or in a nature like setting for your wedding. With such popularity, […]

Halloween Party Ideas

Halloween is one of those holidays you never outgrow, even as an adult. As kids it was a great excuse to dress up and pig out on candy; as adults it’s a great excuse to dress up and party. Halloween party planning usually starts when the costumes start showing up in department stores. If you […]

Fall Rustic Wedding Ideas

Here is our another fall wedding ideas blog, but is more emphasized on rustic fall wedding. Planning a wedding can seem like an overwhelming task, especially if you don’t know where to start. A great way to start is figuring out when you want to have your wedding. By picking out the date, you can […]

50th Wedding Anniversary Ideas

18,250 – That’s roughly the number of days you’ve been married if you’re reaching the golden 50th wedding anniversary. That’s 18,250 days of being committed and loyal to your partner. After 50 years of marriage, what better way to show how much you still love each other than with a 50th wedding anniversary party? We […]

Eco-Friendly Party Favor Ideas

Recycle. Reuse. Reduce. Three key words that can save landfills from taking over planet earth. A recent interest in Eco-Friendly and Eco-Smart products, gave us the idea for this blog. All of the products we describe here are either recycled or they are Eco-Friendly items, and are available for purchase on our website. You can […]