Introducing 7 Golf Brand Products

Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Henrik Stenson. Any of these names ring a bell? If they do, it’s because they are all famous professional golfers. The season for PGA starts April 1st and ends around October 31st, it shares the month of October with Football and some of the post season baseball. Even though the Golf […]

DIY: 10 Fall Candle Ideas for Your Fall Wedding

Thanks to the recent popularity of websites like Pinterest and Vine, DIY projects have become a very popular trend. It’s so popular in fact, that Pinterest even has a DIY category to make the search easier. We thought we’d give some inspiration to those crafty and savvy do it yourself, by creating some DIY fall […]

Baby Shower Ideas for a Girl

Have you ever walked into a department store for babies, and noticed all the baby girl items were so darn cute? The items are usually the color pink and decorated with bows and laces. For a lot of expectant moms, and maybe some dads, it’s easier to plan a baby shower for a girl than […]

Pumpkin Ideas for Your Fall Wedding

The leaves changing color and school starting are just some of the fall symbols, another fall iconic symbol is the pumpkin. The pumpkin, besides being linked to fall, is also a confirmation that Halloween is right around the corner. With the autumn equinox in 2 days, we felt it was fitting to give our readers […]

10 Centerpiece Ideas for Your Fall Wedding

When it comes to planning a wedding every little detail counts. Whether it’s finding the right centerpieces, or finding the right favor boxes, it’s the extra attention to detail that will make your wedding more memorable.  With the start of fall, we decided to give you some inspiration on fall wedding centerpieces.  Fall wedding is […]

NFL Gift Ideas

The end of summer can usually be a bad thing; school starts, weather changes, and the holidays are right around the corner, however, fall also means the start of… the NFL season. Many of us have a team we cheer for and we show our pride by sporting their gear. Football is one of the […]

Corporate Gift Ideas

A corporate gifts is a good way to establish relationships and create a personal connection between the gift giver and the gift receiver. Corporate gifts have long been used by companies as a token of appreciation to their clients or employees. It can also be a great way to advertise your company to future customers. […]

Lantern Decoration Ideas at Your Wedding

Lanterns are a chic and inexpensive way to light up and decorate your wedding. They provide elegance and can set a romantic ambiance. If your wedding venue includes a pool you can place the lantern on top of a flotation device and let them work their magic. They’ll light up the pool and create a […]

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