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10 Creative Baby Shower Activities

Baby showers are always delightfully fun to plan, all the cute decorations, adorable favors, and darling themes. While baby showers are fun to plan, often, going to baby showers just means talking to fellow guests and participating in baby shower games. Make baby showers a fun event for everyone by having them participate in different activities other than games and chit chat. We searched far and wide for 10 of the best fun and interesting baby shower activities for guests to participate in.
10 Creative Baby Shower Activities from HotRef

Diaper Duty Notes

Changing diapers isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, especially in the wee hours of the morning. Make diaper duty fun and a little more interesting by having guests scribble little diaper duty notes. They can scribble down quick sentences or some funny quotes, anything to make diaper changing a little more interesting. Throw in a bonus for the best diaper quote or saying for a fun laugh.

Diaper Duty Notes Baby Shower Activity

Burp Cloth Decorations

While burp cloths are a necessity for growing babies, make them fun and interesting by decorating them. Either with non-toxic paint, stamps, iron on decorations, or sew in decorations. Guests can pick what decorations they want on the burp clothes and how they want to decorate.

Burp Cloth Decoration Baby Shower Activity

Bib Decorations

Another fun way to turn baby feeding into a laugh is decorating the bibs. Let guests write cheeky and cute sayings to keep mom and dad entertained while they feed baby. Using either permanent markers or fabric paint, guests can be creative or thoughtful with their decorations. If the parents are expecting a boy, you can use cut out ties and bow ties to decorate the bibs as well.

Bib Decorating Ideas

Onesie Decorations

A great way to get guests to be creative and artist is having them decorate onesies. You can pre-purchase the iron decorations so that everyone matches or you can let guests decorate on their own. You can also coordinate the color of the onesies as well to match with the iron ons or the paint.

Iron On Onesie Decorations Baby Shower Activity

Hair Bow Decorations

For parents expecting a little girl, design and create wonderfully adorable hair bow decorations. Each guest can fasten their hair bow onto a piece of paper, and gift it to the expecting parents with a sweet little note.

Hair Bow Baby Shower Activity

Head Band Decorations

Another fun activity tailored to parents expecting a girl is to create fun head band decorations. Have everything ready for guests to pick out these can be things like head bands, pom poms, flowers, bows, and other cute decorations. You can also include instructions on what guests need to do before they create their masterpiece.

Headband Decorating Baby Shower Activity

Toy Blocks Decorations

Toy blocks are such a fundamental toy growing up for babies. Let guests decorate the toy blocks for playing or for decorating a room. They can paint the letters or just use pre-cut out decorations to glue onto the blocks.

Decorating Toy Blocks Baby Shower Activities

Letter Decorations

This fun activity is great for decorations in a the nursery or play room. Let each guest pick a letter they want to decorate and have paint and decorations on hand. Make the letters interesting by having them be different sizes; this will make the decorations more visibly appealing.

Alphabet Art Decoration Baby Shower Activity

Letter Coloring Book

This is another great way to incorporate ABCs into a fun activity for guests. After printing out different images for each letter of the alphabet, let guests color in the letters and images. After all the letters have been completed, create a bound book for the expecting parents. It’s a great memory of the baby shower and a great reading book to read to the child.

Letter Coloring Book Baby Shower Activity

Share Your Favorite Childhood Book

There are plenty of children’s books out there, but reading them all can be challenge and difficult. Have a station set up for guests to include their favorite childhood books, they can include one or two. The expecting parents can read later from the suggestions and pick which book to read.

Share Favorite Childhood Book Ideas
Baby showers are definitely a fun time for everyone. Don’t forget to check out our other Baby Shower Idea blogs for more inspiration to plan your own baby shower. On our Pinterest you can find baby shower ideas for a girl, baby shower ideas for a boy, gender reveal ideas, and much more baby shower ideas. Happy Planning!!!